Having boys as roommates?!?

So I'm going off to college and could possibly be living in an apartment my first year.. I get along with boys much better than I do with girls. So I want to live with boys. Do you think that guys would want to live with girls.. or have you lived with boy roommates? what do you think? THANKS


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  • youd be putting yourself in a really bad position just because you don't get along with girls that much. You can't choose your roomates unless its off campus or you request someone you know, honestly though I would just take the risk with living with girls rather then take the risk of living with guys..its just not...safe; especially if theyre strangers.

    • it is off campus.. but I would be living with people from my school

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    • i just think it would be a dumb decision, but who am I to say anything?

    • but why?

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  • I'm assuming you'll be off campus? It's not unheard of, but most people prefer to live with the same sex as far as roommates go. Keep in mind you're not just hanging out now and then, you're living together and there's a lot of issues that come up over the course of a school year. It may or may not work out, but either way you're stuck with whoever you room with.

    • thats true.. but girls get different issues.. I think the issues with boys would be much easier to deal with that the issues with girls

    • Guys and girls deal with issues differently and you won't be used to it. Plus whenever girls are around, guys tend to act differently and vice versa. It may not be relaxing living with strangers. If you already know the guys as friends though it wouldn't be an issue.

    • I would be living with girls that I didn't know. it wouldn't be one on one either.. the apartment is either four people or six people

  • Guys don't mind living with girls but unfortunately if I'm friends with a girl there is a 90% chance I have a secret crush on her and that could make things very complicated if we live together and she doesn't feel the same way. Just be aware that often times guys are only friends with women they hope to be with someday while women are friends with guys because they don't like the way other women are catty and the guys are extra nice (because you're a girl lol).

  • As a guy that has lived with lots of different roommates, both men and women, I can say that women make better roommates almost all the time, so I don't think you will have to much trouble finding guys to room with.

  • if a guy is gonna be your roommate and is single... then expect...stuff lol


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  • I lived with 3 boys in my first year at uni.

    I really enjoyed living with guys as I got to play heaps of video games and talk about random stuff and not be overloaded on girl talk.

    However, in my experience boys tend to be moodier than girls to live with, and they're definitely messier. Lay down the rules up front that you are NOT their mother and that they cannot expect you to do all their cleaning for them.

    Good luck :)

    • haha that sounds good to me.. I would be down to play video games with them.. ahah I hate cleaning so I think they will learn that pretty fast ahha

  • i personally like living on campus for my first year of college, but maybe that's just me. anyway, I agree that in some ways having guy roommates would be nice, becuase there would be less drama, but just be warned, you will probably be the only person who ever cleans the bathroom. I have two brothers and they never, ever, cleaned our bathroom growing up lol