Having boys as roommates?!?

So I'm going off to college and could possibly be living in an apartment my first year.. I get along with boys much better than I do with girls. So I want to live with boys. Do you think that guys would want to live with girls.. or have you lived with boy roommates? what do you think? THANKS


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  • youd be putting yourself in a really bad position just because you don't get along with girls that much. You can't choose your roomates unless its off campus or you request someone you know, honestly though I would just take the risk with living with girls rather then take the risk of living with guys..its just not...safe; especially if theyre strangers.

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      it is off campus.. but I would be living with people from my school

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      i just think it would be a dumb decision, but who am I to say anything?

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      but why?