If I work out 2 hours a day, will I lose weight or is this too much cardio?

Last semester I started working out for the first half an hour a day, and then the second half 2hours everyday. It became a habit, and then we had... Show More

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  • I am no personal trainer but I know my sh*t. (excuse my french) Its all about a balanced diet (Vegetables, fruit, protein, your basic vitamins, etc.) you can actually GAIN weight if you have under 1000 calories a day. (<<True but I don't know how. might want to look that up.) And when you work out try doing different things every day and about every 2 weeks increase the difficulty of your workout or else the "plateau effect" will happen. the Plateau Effect is when your body gets used to the workout and doesn't benefit from it.

    You can easily increase your metabolism by eating right without working out. Try cutting things out of your diet that are a common thing for you to eat but are unhealthy such as any drink with sugar (soda, iced tea, vitamin water, Gatorade, Snapple, etc.) So basically just water. It'll fill you up and its good for you. I know someone that lost 10lbs just by cutting that out of their diet and they weren't that overweight. Also, try and find healthy stuff that's also tasty. Special K is holy-sh*t amazing. I LOVE their "Fruit and Yogurt" cereal its amazing. also their 100 calorie bars are pretty good. Kashi is also amazing but they have like 20g of fiber per serving so it makes you poop and fart a lot. (Thats why I switched to Special K) Hope this helps!