If I work out 2 hours a day, will I lose weight or is this too much cardio?

Last semester I started working out for the first half an hour a day, and then the second half 2hours everyday. It became a habit, and then we had winter break and I stopped working out during my break because all my friends came back from college and I was out partying a lot. I gained like 6 pounds over the course of a month from drinking a lot, not working out, and sleeping in during hangovers. Also, eating late night with drunchies. Lol, it was a crazy break to say the least.

I started my 2 hour cardio work out on the elliptical yesterday, and I wanted to know if this would be good or bad. I heard that 2 hours was bad because it could affect the metabolism with caloric intake, didn't really understand why but is this true?

I need help any personal trainers here? lol


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  • I am no personal trainer but I know my sh*t. (excuse my french) Its all about a balanced diet (Vegetables, fruit, protein, your basic vitamins, etc.) you can actually GAIN weight if you have under 1000 calories a day. (<<True but I don't know how. might want to look that up.) And when you work out try doing different things every day and about every 2 weeks increase the difficulty of your workout or else the "plateau effect" will happen. the Plateau Effect is when your body gets used to the workout and doesn't benefit from it.

    You can easily increase your metabolism by eating right without working out. Try cutting things out of your diet that are a common thing for you to eat but are unhealthy such as any drink with sugar (soda, iced tea, vitamin water, Gatorade, Snapple, etc.) So basically just water. It'll fill you up and its good for you. I know someone that lost 10lbs just by cutting that out of their diet and they weren't that overweight. Also, try and find healthy stuff that's also tasty. Special K is holy-sh*t amazing. I LOVE their "Fruit and Yogurt" cereal its amazing. also their 100 calorie bars are pretty good. Kashi is also amazing but they have like 20g of fiber per serving so it makes you poop and fart a lot. (Thats why I switched to Special K) Hope this helps!


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  • The human body is very adaptive, and it will adapt around your diet and exercise in order to make you more efficient at what you do. That being said, when you work out longer than 60 minutes, your body goes into stamina mode. Basically your body realizes that every day its going to have to run for 2 hours, so it adapts to this routine. It will burn muscle tissue instead of fat, because fat is more efficient energy, and essentially your body is saving it for long runs. Also, muscle weighs more than fat, so your body is trying to make you weigh less (making you even more efficient at running). So, you are actually hurting yourself by running so much.

    My suggestion: workout out EXTREMELY hard for only 30 minutes. This will jump-start your metabolism, and for the rest of the day your body will be burning calories like never before. I also suggest lifting some weights. I know that women don't make it a habit to lift weights, but a hybrid cardio/weight-lifting workout is the fastest way to lose weight.

    As far as your diet goes, just make sure you eat less than your daily caloric intake. Multiply your weight by 10; this is how many calories your body needs just to survive. For example, I weigh 200 lbs, so I need 2000 calories daily. If you eat less than your caloric intake, you will lose fat, period. I recently read an article about a teacher who wanted to prove this to his students, so he ate nothing but twinkies for an entire semester; he just made sure he ate fewer calories than his body needed. I believe he lost 30-40 lbs by the end of the semester.

  • depends on how athletic you already are. if you are a marathon runner, that should be cake. I know a marathoner who runs 70-90 miles a week. but for an average person, that would be a lot. pretty much anyone should be able to stay at a healthy level with .5-1 hour a day and proper diet

  • there is never a such as to much cardio if you want to loose weight unless you are concerned about losing muscle and do 7o or 80 pecent high intensity cardio or as much high intensity as possible since 2 minute high intensity is equal to like 6 minutes of regular cardio

  • take a real interest in sports that increase cardio vascular health,




    take a real interest in one of these and it is unlikely you will ever have an issue with weight.

  • 2 hours at a decent pace should be fine, provided you had a healthy breakfast to fuel your workout. If you did that on an empty stomach, then it's probably not good for you.

  • It's best to start one hour since your body stopped it's normal routine of 2 hours.

    I was the same way... worked out about one hour every day... when I went into California Corrections Facility, there was no gym; there was a minute yard which consisted of a pull-up bar and nothing else. Instead, I started working out with my ex-bunkie who did 500 push-ups every day & rested on Sundays. I started with 20-30 push-ups, gradually went up to 50, and started doing 10 sets of 20 or 25.


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  • If you want to lose weight, the bigger determinant of weight is calorie intake, not exercise. So, cutting back on alcohol and late night snacks will create quicker more noticeable results than 2 hours of cardio a day. Also, I lose weight more from resistance training than from cardio. Resistance training builds muscle and the more muscle mass you have, the more calories your body needs even at rest. Having muscle is great too because even when I have a few extra pounds on, you can still see my 6-pack and my arm definition and I don't feel so awful about the extra weight as I normally would.

    I think 2 hours of cardio is too much because it is not easily sustainable. Wait till later when you start working, have children, etc. Your personal time gets more precious and that much cardio gets very hard to commit to. I would try to find a plan that will keep you in shape without investing so much time. I personally do pushups and pullups as well as different leg exercises and I don't spend even 2 hours in a week staying in shape and I look very fit. I control my weight with my eating habits. I do have to push to do my cardio and I know it is important, but not for weight control.

  • I've always heard that it doesn't matter if you work out a lot if you don't change it up a bit. So try different paces or lifting weights along with it or something like that...