He doesn't want kids, but I do?

Okay so I've been with my boyfriend for about 7 months now and everything's been great and I can very much say I'm completely happy with my life... Show More

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  • Guys often change their mind on this issue as they age. My gut feeling is he'll eventually shift his viewpoint on children as most men do, but I'd also be remiss if I didn't warn you that there are times when their mentalities don't change. Go over with him the reasons for him not wanting kids. If it's because he enjoys the freedom of not having kids (though cute they do suck up a lot of time) he'll probably grow out of that as he ages. If it's something else like he can't stand kids (they yell all the time, they're a constant mess) he may not get over that. If he says he's okay with being an uncle though, and if he says if you do have kids it's a blessing, then he'll probably at least be open to having a kid in the future.

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    • exactly! I think he might be a bit scared of the fact that he needs to take care of somebody else who is reliable on him. I know a lot of guys who said that (don't know his age..but maybe same age gap like yours?) and they TOTALLY changed their view when they heard their girlfriend is pregnant! So no worries!