Guys whistling to girls?

Hey Guys! Do y'all only whistle to girls you like or do you whistle at ugly girls too? I've had guys start doing that too me recently & I wasn't sure. Thanks!

It seems immature & just ignore them.


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  • Possibly they do it for the ones they would have sex with. I personally am not sure, I don't whistle at any girls.

    ...enjoy the culture we live in, they all learn this from the idiotic parents that don't have anything better to do than corrupting the next generation with stupidity.


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  • um I guess we would whistle to girls we like or think are attractive. I can't picture anyone whistling to a less than average looking girl because no one singles them out

  • wtf? I really didn't know people actually did that outside of construction workers on politically unacceptable cartoons.

  • LOL good question. I'll only whistle at girls from my car or if they're far away from where I'm at. its more of a joke, I wouldn't expect any girl to respond to it. 90% of the time the girl is at least decent looking. the other 10% is for fat chicks or moms when I'm bored.

  • I don't do that at all. What's the point? I also can't whistle. lol

  • I've whistled at average to pretty girls before, more so if I've had a few drinks :)

  • I'm a bad whistler so I don't whist to any women I just go up in talk to them


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