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Why would a girl give me her number if she has a boyfriend?

I met this girl and got her number, called her up and she invited me out to hang out with her and her friends this weekend. I think it's pretty... Show More

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  • When the boyfriend is important, the girl lets you know. If she invites you out, then gives you her number, he isn't that important.

What Girls Said 4

  • she might have a boyfriend. but it might be about you. depends on what the screen name is. if she has a boyfriend then she probably thought you were cute and gave you her number just in case they broke up or something

  • she probably didn't update her profile.ask her.

  • Maybe you should go and test the water to see if she had a bf, maybe they just broke up or even a while ago and she hasn't updated it. Let her see you as a friend first gain some trust and then maybe later it can develop into something more. If however it doesn turn out that she has a boyfriend and you have feelings for her the sensible thing to do is walk away no matter how much you might like her.

  • she probbaly gave you the number to get to know you and so she has a good person by her side, sometimes a boyfriend isn't enough.its almost never enough

What Guys Said 4

  • She's young and naive.

    She thinks that you simply want to be friends. Older women would not do this as they understand that rarely do guys they meet are going to want to be just "friends."


    She's a ho fo sho.

  • she wants to cheat

  • she's a player

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