What is more important: Career or Relationship?

I was having a debate about this with someone recently. She thought that career was more important. Career comes first, and then since you are more established, you can find a relationship later. I feel that it is the other way around. First, you develop your relationships, then you are able to become more confident in your career.

What do you all think? What would you do first?

  • Vote A Career
  • Vote B Relationships
  • Vote C Neither (Please explain.)
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Now that I think about it more, I agree with the majority of the girls that it is neither. You never really know when you will have an established career or fall in love.


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  • You need a career to live and support yourself but you also need relationships for your overall well-being and emotional health. This question is more about which one is more important to establish first and less about which one is actually more important than the other.I would say relationships are more important overall because without friends and lovers life would be a dull, empty exsistance. Yes, I do believe it is important to establish a career before you go actively searching for some kind of relationship because more than likely the relationships will come to you. You can't wait around for a career and expect to get one unlike relationships where you can wait around and something will most likely happen. Heck, why not pursue both at the same time? There really is no harm done if you can manage both. Good luck!

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      well said!

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