Why do girls assume guys who play video games are losers?

why are they so stupid? it's obviously not true.


Most Helpful Girl

  • Not true to an extent.

    I know some guys who play wow. They are on that game 24/7! Until they have to go to work. When they come back from work, all they do is play some more. They're the most BORING people I've met in my life. They can't talk about anything else BUT video games, and they take it all so seriously! WTF

    If they lose a ''battle'' they're depressed for days and keep trying to redeem themselves in the 'battle field' - a virtual battle field mind you.

    When they actually get to meet girls all they do is talk about the games they've been playing and new cloaks and powers they got...they sometimes change the topic to bathroom humor (even MORE lame), and hanging out with them is basically a suck fest.

    They truly ARE losers.

    Now, I believe there are some guys who aren't that obsessed with video games, and I love them myself. I play Tomb Raider, Bloodrayne, vampire the masquerade, etc . . . and those are really fun games, but I don't really talk about them or obsess about my next mission moves. I have a life, and those games keep me entertained when I've got nothing better to do.