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Why do girls assume guys who play video games are losers?

why are they so stupid? it's obviously not true.

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  • Not true to an extent.

    I know some guys who play wow. They are on that game 24/7! Until they have to go to work. When they come back from work, all they do is play some more. They're the most BORING people I've met in my life. They can't talk about anything else BUT video games, and they take it all so seriously! WTF

    If they lose a ''battle'' they're depressed for days and keep trying to redeem themselves in the 'battle field' - a virtual battle field mind you.

    When they actually get to meet girls all they do is talk about the games they've been playing and new cloaks and powers they got...they sometimes change the topic to bathroom humor (even MORE lame), and hanging out with them is basically a suck fest.

    They truly ARE losers.

    Now, I believe there are some guys who aren't that obsessed with video games, and I love them myself. I play Tomb Raider, Bloodrayne, vampire the masquerade, etc . . . and those are really fun games, but I don't really talk about them or obsess about my next mission moves. I have a life, and those games keep me entertained when I've got nothing better to do.

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  • I don't, suggest something fun please!

  • I don't. I like playing video games myself.

  • Those girls who do are bimbos. Guys who play video games are awesome. I love playing video games a lot and love playing with my guy friends. Its a lot of fun.

    • i'll kick your ass on any game

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    • Rofl @ tyt 2011 and ihatework

    • Heehee ;D

  • Why do you assume that all women believe guys who play video games to be losers? It's stupid and obviously not true.

  • I don`t think they are losers, but they do spend lots of their time living in a fantasy world instead of getting out into the real world (I mean those who play a lot). They often miss out without being aware because they are so consumed with sitting in front of a monitor and dreaming of another world, rather than getting off their butt and just living in their own world. I want a guy I can share life with, not one who is lazy and spends most of his time of his butt while I waste away bored out of my mind with watching him sit there. It`s just a huge turn off and I consider those guys lazy.

  • I don't. Don't assume things, my friend.

    I'm a gamer too. It makes them hotter.

  • i play video games and watch Japanese animes and I check my facebook/youtube/twitter/msn daily <-- typical loser

    i see nothing wrong with guys who play video games.. don't all guys play?

    or maybe I have this opinion cause I have 3 brothers and I play with them sometimes

    if someone can't accept you for something you are/like they don't deserve u

    whoever might call you a loser is only calling you a loser cause they don't have the same intrests as you do and can't agree with it .. some people because just stereotype people according to their interests/hobbies

    (please excuse any english errors if any :] english isn't my first language )

    • Don't mean to be a jackass but anime is the singular and plural, same for manga

    • thank you for pointing that out, I definatley won't make the same mistake twice

    • both of are you smart allecs haha

  • I don't. In fact, I'm dating a pro gamer right now. XD Video games are cool!

    Anyway, I think people are slowly becoming more accepting towards video games now that the gaming industry is huuuuuuge.

  • I Don't because I love video games Like The Call of Duty Games Love Them And A lot Of Other Games

  • Lots of girls love video games. There will always be haters for anything. Any girl that thinks you are a loser is a piece of scum. Not everyone dislikes people who play video games. I can't play video games for crap and I dated a guy that played COD with a headset. It's sorta dorky when he used to yell at the screen but I loved his dorkiness :))

  • Haha, now do you see how many girls like playing video games!? =p

  • Not all girls think this way. I love video games! Our first game system was the Colleco Vision. For me, video games are a great way to relieve stress. Depending on the type of game it is, it's a lot like reading a book. You get lost in the storyline and what the characters are doing.

    I think the only reason some girls think that guys who play video games are stupid because they are ignorant asses. Personally, I'd much rather opt to play a video game then to sit around gossiping about this, that and everything which is what a lot of girls like to do(not all, of course).

    Now, if you are playing video games non stop or until you fingers bleed, which I have no idea how it can get to that point then yes, that would make you a loser. Video games are great but one can go overboard with them and when that happens, then that person has a serious problem.

  • Hey not all girls think this way! I'm a girl and I love playing video games so find someone who has the same interest as you!

  • i love guys that love games, <3

  • Because some guys are absolutly obsessed like other girls have mentioned. If you have nothing else that you're involved in, than yea you kinda are a loser because you can't connect with people who aren't part of the video game world.

    I love video games, I used to play HLDM2 when I was 10 (kicked some serious booty) and I was able to develop social skills because I balanced my time and did other things like play sports :D

  • poor time management. I don't mind if they play but often once they start they won't stop for nothing.

  • we don't automatically assume you are loosers, you just need to have a balance. someone who is CONSTANTLY playing games on their computer, even during class, is a loser, because they're not even talking to anyone at their table or anything. I have cool friends who love to play cod, and pokemon, but they know when to close the computer and when to just hang with friends. I guess that's the boundary line.

    i hope I helped :)

  • it's a waste of time if you're on it 5 hours a day. 1-2 hous is fine

  • I would not think you were a loser, just someone I would have nothing in common with. I did date a gamer and he was just not my type. He was very introverted, socially awkward, loved to spend money on action figures but was super cheap about everything else. He was also just not physically fit. He had little skills in other areas. He just loved to play games, and get lost in his fantasies. For instance, he played Guitar Hero and dressed like a musician but had no musical talent. He was just overall in his own world and not spending much time trying to relate to reality.

  • it depends on how into the video games the guy is for an average girl to think he's a loser. if he just does it to pass the time when he's not doing other more socially interactive things or if he's doing it with his friends on guys night then that's totally acceptable and not loserish. if he is all wrapped up in it where he goes to conventions and that's like his social outlet or the reason he doesn't have a social life then yeah a girl would likely think of him as a loser unless she herself is also into the culture of video gaming then it's a match made in heaven until one of them decides they want a life outside of gaming and then it's probably gonna end as imo a lot of guys have addiction problems relating to these games.

  • cause most of them are...

  • Its only if you spend ALL your time playing video games. If you have a normal social life and other interests - we're likely to think its normal.

    In fact I love playing video games with my boyfriend. Anything from Halo to COD to Rachet and Clank.

    If you have nothing else going on in your life, we're not really given a chance to think anything other than you have a 1D life and thus are a loser. Rude but true.

  • I don't think taht's true. I just think some girls think it can be annoying if it takes up ALL of your time lol I used to play COD with my ex all the time..

  • no we dont. only if that's all they do.

What Guys Said 7

  • i play video games daily...well usually, they assiciate it with losers because of the way movies portray them. They feel that because they play videos games they have no social life, well people who read or watch movies or TV all the time are they same way...why aren't they put in the "loser" light...

    Anyways whoever it is that makes these assumptions needs ot realize video games are more than just geeky, they are strategic, fun, entertaining, hell I find more girls who play video gmaes now than I did 5 years ago...

    just tell these people to go f themselves and mind their own business...its too bad people judge that way

  • If a girl doesn't know what Goldeneye64 is she ain't worth a damn ;)

  • u ever see "doom"? its got my fav. actor, the rock, in it

  • I can see how somebody could be labeled a looser if they spend over half of their free time playing video games. theirs more to life than beating one more level.

  • That's one of the few things I like about women that they dislike about men. I can't stand video games anymore (frankly, they're for juveniles). So when you dinks are blasting away zombies in fantasyland, I'll be banging your girl LOL

    • Yeah...you just sound stoopid.

    • You can't even spell s-t-u-p-i-d. Hypocrite!

    • That doesn't make her a hypocrite lol.

  • Thats how the media portreys it to people and I think the ones they consider losers are the ones who will talk about it whenver they can or something always reminds them of a game

  • No one that I know assumes that.

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