Why does he always text me good morning and good night?

i'm in grade 12 and there's this guy whos I'm my art class who is in grade 11. we usually talk and joke all class. well recently, he took my phone... Show More

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  • umm, its pretty obvious he really cares about you, you should tell him sometime in a text something like "so when are you gonna stop just flirting and ask me out :)" I don't know something like that, cause he really cares, not just likes but cares, cares is one above likes and one less than loves, so treat him right :) good luck, let me know how it goes

    -Humble Christian Guy 20

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    • but I've only been talking to him for a few days. is it possible that he's just being nice. because he's known around school for being nice..

      i don't really think I have the courage to say something like that to him! hahah

      so you think he likes me?

    • no, he really likes you, seriously and if he is considered nice, he is probably shy too, right? so for him to be flirting that hardcore with you then he definitely has a thing for you, I'm like the shyest person ever, but when the time came, I hv been texting this girl and saying things to her that, nice-sweet-funny-romantic things that I probably would never hv the courage to say to her, so just be brave, texting makes it easy lol :)

    • thank you! you've helped a lot :)