My boyfriend and I recently broke up and he wants to get back together...but I don't. What do I do?

Its been a couple days now that we broke up, he sends me this email on facebook saying it wasn't fair just to end things because we really didn't know each other all that well and I should give him more time so he could "swoon" me over.

Our relationship was long distance for a month because we got together right before I left for college. for spring break we went out a couple times but that's it. I just wasn't feeling it. I wasn't even attracted to him anymore compared to when I first met him I thought he was cute and funny.

I think it would be fair to give him a second chance because I i think I did end things unfairly but I really don't know anymore..I'm really confused of what to do at this point


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  • BAHAHA! Did he really use the word "swoon" in an attempt of win you back? Oh my what a winner... I'd say you could give him a second chance. It's entirely possible that simply not being around him anymore after such a short period of interaction you could have just lost interest because he had such a small affect on your life. If you do give it another shot I'd suggest spending far more time around each other if you intend to make a decent go of it.

    • xD yes. lol quote "we'll still have days to go out and time for me to swoon you over(poetic voice)" But yeah I think I might give him another chance. but I am worried about the long distance again. And when I come back in the summer he said he did want to go out a lot more than we had before.

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    • hahaa well now I found someone else um yeah. I didn't intend so find someone else so quickly but I know I have to tell my ex its really over now. and I'm really really nervous about telling him...

    • Yeah it kinda sucks, but it's good that it'll probably work out better for you this way. It's best to just be blunt I'd say, it'll hurt but better than leaving him in the dark. Good luck

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  • give him a don't want to end up asking yourself "what if"...spend some time together, take things slow, if you still aren't feeling it after a month then part ways...

  • Just don't get back with him. No Contact. Period. If you aren't feeling it, what's the question? Who cares about "fairness"? This isn't volleyball, it's your LIFE. If you don't have feelings for him, there's no rulebook saying you have to give him a chance because he did some nice thing for you. Stand firm, tell him you don't have feelings for him, and move on. No Contact, period.

  • I'd say ya, give the relationship another chance. More often than not couples need short periods apart from each other to fall more in love and truly appreciate one another.

    The only exception to this is if you have a problem with the long distance thing, if so, either figure a way for you to move to him or him to move to you... or end it based on that

  • trust your feelings


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  • I guess if you really don't feel anything anymore... you should just leave it. like yous said, you have a long distance relationship.. and those always break down after a few months...PLUS .. you're in college now. so a lot of parties going on.. and a LOT of boys... so big danfer that in a drunk mood while partying, you could kiss or worse, take someone home with you. And then what?

    • true. I think my feelings have moved on for sure...i actually have somebody I like now. so even though I thought it would be fair to my ex to give him another chance, it wasn't what I wanted to do. oh and I've gotten drunk at parties and stuff but I've never kissed or slept with anybody. I actually did like this one guy at one party and when he was drunk he asked to sleep in my room because he couldn't walk home. I was drunk so I said it was OK but I had a boyfriend so we couldn't do anything.

  • If your feelings have left, it's over. Simply state it as so sincerily and move on.