I write about crazy violence in my stories and someone writes about me being psychotic...should I be offended?

I'm taking a creative writing class for my senior year in high school and in my group, we peer review each other. there's this guy I'm attracted to but we've only shared glances really no talking really or anything else. however lucky me we're in the same group together. however my writing is... Show More

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  • I would not be offended. Point's being is, that he is trying to fix you. That's mans finest solution when he thinks that something is wrong. Well, nothings wrong, but it certainly might feel so from your stories. Do not overthink. In mans mind it just mean that he cares about you! That's all. And you are beautifull in his mind. Somewhere insode he wants to be your hero who will save you! (He might not be aware of that, so don't confront him up front.)

    He likes you.

    • I agree. I did and still do this. I'm trying to fix 'broken girls' if I like them.

    • fine tuning, but we hate it when women do it.

    • Yes, but men and women think differently.