I'm white and I like black girls, but I'm scared of them. What should I do?

I,m a white guy and I have always been insanely attracted to black women. But I'm too scared to ask them out cause them out cause I'm afraid they won't go out with me cause I'm white.


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  • dont be scared of us ahah..(why are you scared?)..ive been with white guys before, and they were the one who started talking to me :)

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  • You're cute :) I like white guys over black guys. Don't be intimidated just go for it, I think there are very few who would not date you just because of your race.

  • Don't date outside your race.

  • Regardless of race most girls definitely want at least a few things and that is a genuine,respectful man with confidence.I say suck it up and go for it. If there is a specific girl you have your eye on then you need to gradually find out things about her(interests, hobbies)so you'd have something to talk about when you do finally approach her.Even if you don't get much info about her you can always just ask her yourself.If you're still having trouble with the idea of approaching her, send her an anonymous letter that says you like her and you would like to get to know her.You can even write how nervous you are because you think she is so beautiful.. That might help you out a bit because girls usually think those things are cute.Good Luck and don't give up!

  • Your color has nothing to do with it I mean the worst thing that can happen is by them sayin a yes or no and if they say no then don't stop looking because there are some black girls that love white guys and the reason why I know is because I have been dating white guys all my life its been a few but I have and sad to say all of them have been racist but that dident stop me and it shouldn't stop you the worst thing they could possible say is no that's it and some black girls is loud and mean but not all of them are like that because I know I'm one of them I hate girls yelling at someone just to talk to them and they were right there the whole time so don't be scared you might get a lot of nos and you will get some yes but don't give up on them just because they say no I mean it get tiring but its worth the wait I'm still waiting even though I went through hell with my exs that still dident stop me so why you.

  • I'm black and am very attracted to white guys, but used to think they were not interested me because I'm black and they had preconceived notions of who I really was. I learned that is not true and a lot of white guys are (admittedly or not) attracted to black women. I am a traditional girl, and shy, just because I'm black doesn't mean I'm aggressive and intimidating. How would you approach a white girl? Do the same with us.

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  • They're almost definitely not going to go out with you if you don't talk to them.

  • your fear is irrational because there's no way you can get hurt by rejection. if you really are that afraid of being hurt by rejection you have to change your way of thinking.