What are your favorite hobbies?

I what to know what you guys like to do for fun =)

I love riding my motorcycle and dirt bike, playing video games, having super long text session with my friends and I have a secret obsession with baking but don't tell anybody ok?


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  • Dont worry your secret is safe with me lol...I like to swim in my pool most of the time, play sports with my family football,soccer,basketball (whenever possible) going for long walks with my dog while listening to music on my blackberry. Just like you I like having long text sessions with my best friends and I love to bake and make pizza (yes dough handmade and home style). I love listening to music.I like going out with my cousin because she's like a sister to me and we always have fun with whatever we do and to I love to talk/text with my best guy friend everyday even though he's married because we are so different and he's so fun to be around and to talk to. I think that's everything lol

    • You have a pool? Is your dad a dentist?

    • Yes I have a pool its kind of normal to have one especially if you live in Florida lol and no my dad isn't a dentist

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  • dude, if you tell girls you like to bake, they will love you haha

    • lol I would never tell any of my female friends I like to bake. I afraid they would think I'm weird.

  • Swimming, daydreaming, listening to music & GAG..seems like I need smth more, hmm!

  • horse back riding





What Guys Said 6

  • bong lifting

    radio blasting

    prank phone calls


  • My favorite hobby is dreaming (or daydreaming). I also like playing video games, but I don't have much interest in modern games.

  • If anything, tell them you like to "cook" not "bake". That makes you sound gay

  • being awesome...and mooning XD

  • Video Games and the internet in general. After college, graphic design and photography.

    • also* Not switching to those.

  • Loading up on tacos, riding the elevator, and letting it rip.