What's a good one year program that would make me a lot of money?

well, what program would be best if I just want to make money? what trades, vocation, training program at a college or university program do you think would help?


Most Helpful Guy

  • Anything medical really.. CNA (Certified nursing assistant), CMA, Dental Assistant, etc..

    The "assistant" certifications are typically a way to work along-side the profession you want to be in for the long-term, but that allow you to get some job-experience and monetary income while you finish your schooling.. I wouldn't recommend a 1 year program for a long-term thing, maybe 4-5 years at most, while you save up to continue your schooling..

    If you can extend your limit by a year, you'll open up a whole spectrum of options.. From photography, to xray techs, to dental hygenists, etc.. And all those professions CAN average about 20/hr depending on where you work, the geographical area, etc.. (So as to say, a CNA in my area (small town) who is working at a run down retirement home, will make more money if they moved to a bigger town and worked at a hospital)..

    ~ ArtistBBoy