I get anxious around people, what is wrong with me?

I know that there's probably no one on this site who can diagnose me and I'm not looking for that. But I need others opinions on what they think is going on with me or if they know of a disorder that sounds like the symptoms I have so that maybe I can research it better.

I'm popular, I have a lot of friends and I go to parties/social events all the time. But I get anxious when I talk to people. Even my close friends . If someone texts me I get nervous and very anxious. My chest builds up and I always worry about what to say. Its not a confidence issue because I can walk up to a complete stranger and be fine. But when it comes down to people who I see a lot or people who are "popular" I freak out. The problem is that all my friends are in that group. I know that they're not better than me but for some reason I get really anxious. You can never tell by talking to me either because I can hide it but I don't know why or what's wrong with me. Any opinions? I don't think its social anxiety because I have no problem talking to people or meeting new people/going out.


Most Helpful Guy

  • That's not too weird.

    It's one thing to not be bothered by strangers. Their opinions of you won't matter to you, after all.

    But your friends, and people in the "popular" cliques, well, their opinions matter (it seems) so if they don't like you, or don't like something you say, it's a bigger deal.

    This is most likely just a subconscious fear of being judged, by people who's opinions you value (whether rightly or wrongly).

    I don't think there's anything wrong with you, in terms of needing therapy or medication. I think it's more likely a phase you're going through, and it will pass.