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Not responding to my Facebook message?

I sent this girl a Facebook message last night because I didn't end up seeing her at this event yesterday when we had both planned to see each other,... Show More

Update: when she asked me if id miss having her in class, she asked in sort of a roundabout way, is this possibly being done by her just to drive me crazy and miss her more?
Also, not to sound creepy but it said her status update was via blackberry, and I'm curious to know if that method of Facebook would even notify her of my message?Meaning she just hasn't seen it yet?

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  • Nope, resist the urge to to come in closer when someone fails to get closer to you, almost always pushes them farther away.

    • So what are you saying exactly, just leave her be because she's not interested, or make her chase?

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    • This man is wise, listen to him.

    • Thank you sir.

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  • Yes, it is very possible she has not seen your message yet. She sounds flirty. Just make sure she is not feeding off of attention from you with no serious intentions of anything, but again just give her time to respond.

  • Give her some time to reply. I actually do that, some messages I reply to later on, but it is much easier to just log into Facebook and quickly update my status and comment on some, while responding to all messages at a later time. Definitely give her some more time to respond to you. Definitely want to space the time between messages. If she does not respond after a reasonable amount of time then send her another message. Also sometimes on Facebook, it is to forget that you have new messages, as sometimes I myself, would read message with intentions of responding later and totally forget about it, but definitely give her more time. She might be waiting for you to make that move. I know what it is like to wait for a guy to make a move and he chickens out, and I feel disappointed about it, but again give her more time. Sounds like she might like you, but if she is just a social, flirty person - she might be like that with others too. It depends.

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