Worst historical death? Buried alive, burned alive, fed to lions?

Which is the worst way to die?

Over time there have been many unthinkable ways in which people have been killed


The acient Egyptians used ti impale people (in through thier bottom, out of thier heads)

Genghus Khan (Mongolian warlord) used to boil people alive

In England people were hung, racked, drawn, beheaded (hung until nearly dead, limbs pull out of thier sockets using horses, being cut open and having your organs removed.. whilst alive)

Being stoned to death

Which would you fear above them all?


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  • Impalement seems quite horrible. Some people survived for days...

    • For days? Where have you heard this?

      How long do you think you'd survive on a cross and what do you think the cause of death would be?

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    • Being crucified you actually suffocate believe it or not. All your weight being supported by your arms makes breathing very difficult, you eventually suffocate

    • It seems you are incorrect link

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  • Slow slicing 0.o


  • being stoned to death from all sides.

    • i actually. I think the worst kind of death would involve having to watch everyone I care about get tortured and then killed, and THEN, I'd get killed. psychological warfare is the most powerful kind of warfare.

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    • lol. good point.

      and yes, I do know that. hangings still happen too.

    • There are some states where hanging is still an option. All on the east coast, some of the first settlements?

  • buried alive for sure. I can't imagine anything more horrifying than that


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  • Getting thrown in the Brazen Bull.


  • Trust old, oft neglected being burnt at the stake for me. But I don't think we have a real insight into the most painful way to die...

    I guess the most prolonged ones.

  • boiled seems tough.

  • Death sex from prostitutes with razorblades in their Vaginas- Vietnam war.

    • This isn't the worst death I can think of but this is twisted! Bleeding to death from the penis doesn't rate amongst burned, buried, 'hung, drawn, quartered' etc but it's bad

      How did the women no die with razor blades in them?

    • what? how do you get razor blades up there?

  • jesus! those are some pretty horrible deaths. Humans suck big time. Burning or boiling would be the worst!

  • The judas cradle, the brazen bull, the pear of anguish, the tree terror, the human press, the disembowelment crank, the bee basket. Look them up if this kind of thing interests you.

  • Being dragged after a car butt naked on aspfalt in highspeed is the worts death I can think of :/

    • It'd be a much quicker death than being buried. I'd prob take this over crucifiction, you'd die pretty quickly being dragged