Girls, when a guy likes your photo on Facebook, what goes through your mind?

Likes your photo on Facebook, what goes through your mind? Do you think oh great another perv or are you somewhat flattered by it? Or do you think nothing of it? Give me your opinion


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  • depends on the photo that was liked, and how much he had to dig to find it, but it will make me smile.


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  • I don't put photos on fb.

    My girls think

    what a pervert!

    who the f*ck is he?

    let's look him up.

    Oh what a loser! blah blah blah

    • I don't understand why you would label the guy a perve? Enlighten me?

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    • This actually made me laugh, unless you can't work out how to set your photos private, the only guys that can like your pictures are ones your friends with, and if your friends with a "looser" as you called them that's your problem.

    • Torii1993

      I'm laughing because you obviously lack reading comprehension. I don't post pictures on Facebook. I never said my girls pictures are private don't ASSune. So the guys who like their pics aren't only their friends.

  • for me it makes me feel pretty and flatered even though I prefer commets because they seem more special :)

  • I get excited because a person likes my photo, but I never think they're pervs, unless I have a reason to, but I never do. It does flatter me though !

  • Honestly, it makes me happy(: Considering my best friend gets like 20 likes on her picture and I get like 2. So it would make me happy and smile. I wouldn't think he's a perv, if he was perv I'd think back to why I even added the weirdo anyway. :P

  • makes me smile and wonder what he is thinking

  • flattering and if I like the guy maube will read into it

  • I don't think they are pervs. If anything, I find it somewhat flattering.

  • if it was a guy I have a crush on, I might read more into it than there is. but if it was just a friend, then I wouldn't think anything of it


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  • good question, always debated liking picture that my crush puts on Facebook

    dont worry about udolpixie she seems to like trolling people

    • Yeah, I probably would like it or comment something random on it..

      Either that or she has issues.

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    • this is funny cause she is trying to troll me right now to keep commenting, obvious troll is well obvious

    • lol not trolling.

      If anyone is trolling it's you. there's no need to mention my name in your answer.

      As for me having issues apparently finding a guy creepy for doing something = issues.People have their own comfort levels you don't have to agree or oike it just respect it.