I like a guy at work. How can I make him ask me out?

I am attracted to a guy at work who is in one of the senior most positions. He is about 35, always stressed with his work, good looking and I have heard that he is single or he dates different girls. First I didn't like him at all. He started flirting me a year ago after a quarrel between me and... Show More

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  • Ok well you sound like a crazy chick here is my examples you want know how you can make a guy ask you out, not going to happen you can't just make someone ask you out, well I guess if you put a gun to their head you could. Second you say this guy looks at you like he is in love with you, that right there is a major red flag of crazy chick sorry but its true, and whatever you do not say that to him, I had a girl tell me she loved me on the first date, yeah it was awkward and I didn't know what to do but say oh ok. And after that she basically stalked me told me she was so in love with me and so yeah hopefully your not that extreme but you do seem like your getting there, so prob the first step would be say hey are you seeing anyone? And if he's not then say well you should take me to dinner friday night.