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I like a guy at work. How can I make him ask me out?

I am attracted to a guy at work who is in one of the senior most positions. He is about 35, always stressed with his work, good looking and I have... Show More

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  • Ok well you sound like a crazy chick here is my examples you want know how you can make a guy ask you out, not going to happen you can't just make someone ask you out, well I guess if you put a gun to their head you could. Second you say this guy looks at you like he is in love with you, that right there is a major red flag of crazy chick sorry but its true, and whatever you do not say that to him, I had a girl tell me she loved me on the first date, yeah it was awkward and I didn't know what to do but say oh ok. And after that she basically stalked me told me she was so in love with me and so yeah hopefully your not that extreme but you do seem like your getting there, so prob the first step would be say hey are you seeing anyone? And if he's not then say well you should take me to dinner friday night.

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  • you could try asking him out it is the 21st century lol

  • make him think you like him two maybe he hasn't asked you out because he's too shy or because he thinks you don't like him. Give him signs that say "hey I like you too"

  • He may be afraid to ask you out because after all this is at your job site. I have learned once two people start dating at work it becomes everyone's business. Plus if it doesn't work out it will be worse and you two will have to see each other everyday. You can't make someone ask you out either. He may be taking it slow but to me it sounds like he is just being flirtatious with you.

    He may not want to lose his job if it is more than flirting. I hope it becomes clearer in time but be leary if he is dating different women you won't be his number one priority. He could be a player and just looking to add you to his list of women he has slept with.

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  • It sounds like he wants to make a move, but is just unsure of himself. Instead of waiting for him to ask you out, why don't you make the move? Sure, your nervous, but there is nothing too serious about getting coffee before heading to the same job, and once you do, you'll be glad you did. Not to mention that confidence boost, will more than likely cause him to ask you out the next time.

    • First, he is your superior so he is subject to more sexual harrassment suites then you. He needs to be careful in his position. ... I recommend making a bet with him (over a football game or something he is interested in). Looser treats the other to a meal. If you loose, offer dinner someplace platonic and mutally agreeable. Start off straight, be friendly and ask the man out agian by the end of the date. This way he is out of the office, protected from lawsuit and can freely tell you yes or

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