Why do guys always want girls to send pictures of themselves?

Why are guys constantly asking girls to send pictures? what is the point?

yea I understand I just don't get why guys ALWAYS want one. but thanks for the info lol . .


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  • Hm well I rarely do that. A few times me and some girls would send pics back and forth of each other because it was kind of funny. We would make sexy pics of ourselves and try and see who’s was in the oddest place lol. Some times we would do something funny like with a stuffed animal or something. : P pics can be nice because when you are away from your girl it gives you something intimate to have and look at when you can't be with her. Or the other way around. I wouldn’t send one to some one you can absolutely trust and have been with for a while. Any more ? Let me know : )


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  • visual...so we can mentally undress you and rub one out ..lol..ok that was way too explicit

  • Guys are aroused visually. Pictures are visual.


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  • If it's online dating then it's to see what they look like before they go out with them. Same thing if they've never met them.

  • I'm guessing its to masturbate too.I would never send anything nude over the net!.Don't do it!

    • If you do send something nude over the internet, even more so if its someone you don't know to well, make sure to not have your face in it

  • also so they can brag to the otha fellas about u. so send really cute ones!