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What does it mean when a guy calls a girl stubborn?

what is he implying? what does a guy mean when he calls a girl stubborn?

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  • depends on the context. but as simple as it sounds, it means you're stubborn.

  • He's not implying anything. Guys don't usually imply.. they say what they mean. It means he thinks she's stubborn, that's all. Not necessarily a bad thing.

  • he's implying that ..youre stubborn. lolits nothing bad.

  • well it depends on the text, but either way it's means your stubborn, nothing more nothing less.

  • Right there...you cannot accept the fact that you are stubborn and you want to find another meaning for it. He said you are stubborn & he means it. Do you argue with him frequently, especially about little, unimportant things.? Right there. That's what he means.

  • that you're not doing what he wants

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