Are girls really THAT complicated?

Girls, are you really as complicated as guys think you are? If you're into a guy, then are you going to play games and act like you're not? Might you if you're afraid of being hurt? I like a girl and she doesn't seem into me. I can take a hint...but I just don't want to lol!


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  • She probably fears getting emotionally attached to a guy, so she avoids initiation and avoids any closeness..she is testing the waters to see how far you would go just to be with her.

    If she doesn't respond to your textings, then that's a for sure sign that she's not into you, but if she does..then it means she does.

    She's just playing it safe.

    Some girls are complex like that.

    • she responds quite well. we talk and hang out all the time. she jus always seems like she rejects any subtle hints I may give at times. but there's something I have left out...she's also my best friends little sister lol!

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  • Not all girls are into playing games, but like everybody else, we all have a complicated side to us lol if that makes since.

  • I'm not into the whole game playing sh*t. It pisses me off. And I'm not complicated, quite simple actually. The only thing complicated about me is my personality, which is very contradictory.

  • how is she showing that she isn't into you?

    • never never ever initiates a text, pays little attention to me when we're with other friends. and I've said at times that we should do something (perhaps the next week), she says yeah it sounds great, then she doesn't really seem to care. but mostly she would probably never talk to me if I didn't start a conversation.

    • based on that... I definitely don't think she's into you...sorry :/

    • lol yeah me too =/

What Guys Said 3

  • If she's not interested then just move on to another girl that won't play childish games with you. She probably just lost interest in you and just considers you a friend.

  • Once you start giving them routine orgasms, they are about as simple a creature as you can find.

  • i think it's comin across as desperate. nobody wants to be that guy/gal. desperation is an ugly perfume/cologne.