When a guy says "we should hang out soon!"...?

Does he mean it literally? And what the heck am I supposed to say back? I kind of want to play hard to get, but not too hard because I like the guy. What do I do!?

hard to get was lack of terminology on my part! I typed fast, and now reading this over, that sounds bad. I meant, I don't want to come off as pushy. like, over-ecstatic or whatever.


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  • a guy I liked said stuff like that to me and I agreed but tried not to look too eager, and he ended up getting with someone else because he didn't realize I was really interested. so if you like him, be kind of obvious or he might not get that you are interested and he will move on

    • oh my gosh that makes perfect sense!

    • haha yeah looking back I wish I would have handeled it differently. oh well I hope my experience helps you lol

    • YES! Haha.

What Guys Said 5

  • Don't play hard to get ever

  • Listen to the Panda and Chessboard. Don't play hard to get we guys don't like it. At least I don't.

    • @update: You can't really come off as pushy if he already offered. If you like the guy you should just ask him when and where and accept if you really want to.

    • Thanks :)

    • Yep,no problem.

  • You say yes if you want to and no if you don't.

  • He means it and playing hard to get for me at least would just deter me completely

    • I guess "hard to get" was a lack of terminology. More like "I don't want to come off as pushy." I like the dude

  • If you play hard to get, don't be surprised if you don't get "got".


What Girls Said 3

  • "defiantly, I'd like that!"

    If you want to play hard to get agree and then ignore his texts and blow him off, he'll be begging for you after that! JK! why play games?

    • Haha idk... I was just like "you're gonna have to be a little more specific."

  • Do you think he really wants to hang with you literally like on a tree or on a rope? He means that he wants to spend company with you,its really obvious.why play hard to get? just say sure,life is to short to waste.

    • I must say this made me laugh! Hahaha yeah I worded that question awkwardly :P

    • its ok,it made me laugh too