When a guy says "we should hang out soon!"...?

Does he mean it literally? And what the heck am I supposed to say back? I kind of want to play hard to get, but not too hard because I like the guy. What do I do!?

hard to get was lack of terminology on my part! I typed fast, and now reading this over, that sounds bad. I meant, I don't want to come off as pushy. like, over-ecstatic or whatever.

Most Helpful Girl

  • a guy I liked said stuff like that to me and I agreed but tried not to look too eager, and he ended up getting with someone else because he didn't realize I was really interested. so if you like him, be kind of obvious or he might not get that you are interested and he will move on

    • oh my gosh that makes perfect sense!

    • haha yeah looking back I wish I would have handeled it differently. oh well I hope my experience helps you lol

    • YES! Haha.