Why do some guys act like nothing happened?

Why do some guys act as if nothing happened? I met this guy a few years ago at a bar and he gave me his number. He stood me up when we were suppose to meet, and we never spoke after that. Recently he is trying to talk to me over Facebook, as if nothing happened. What's the deal?


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  • I don't think anyone wants to remember past mistakes... dunno about girls but guys have a problem admitting their mistakes and they would much rather forget that they happened (drinking alcohol helps).

    I mean, why would you want to keep thinking and remember about mistakes in the past and let them influence what your doing in the present??? Wouldn't you much rather start fresh.

    And seriously, if you don't wanna talk to him or know him anymore, just don't , don't talk to him, pretend that "nothing ever happened". Is not being able to understand guys your real problem or is their something more??

    Probably still mad at him. Simple solution- ignore him.

    • Yeah, but I don't understand guys when they do stupid stuff like this: The guy who stood me up also hit on my friend a few months later with me there, and kept staring at me, trying to figure it out. The real question is why are some guys such losers?

    • I answered one of these semi-obvious/rhetorical questions once before but the answer got deemed as offensive lol. But remember these: Life's a bitch. There isn't always a happy ending. Some guys are "losers". Some girls are "losers". People make mistakes.

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  • Umm that's what happens on facebook. Facebook gives you the ability to talk to anyone as if you're cool with them... the short fat guy with pimples all over his face can write on the hot cheerleader from his school's wall "hey wuzup how was ur weekend?"

    I bet if you met in person things would be a little more awkward or at least different. But on facebook what is he supposed to say? "sorry about ditching you 2 years ago"? No, he probably said something along the lines of "heyyyy no time no see! how you doing? wanna meet up some time?"

    That's just how facebookers roll.

  • Cause sometimes they wish nothing happened.

  • Seeing as there is alcohol involved, He may not have remembered due to being shitfaced. But alas! that's merely conjecture. If it took him two years, don't bother with him.

    • He probably does remember it but doesn't really care and one day he might even say, I remember meeting you 2 years ago but yade yada... agree with the final call though...

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  • Even if you tried to please him, make sure that you still keep him at the edge of his seat, every time.

    Remember to leave something for next time, so he will keep coming back. It's all about giving him pleasure and holding back right when he's thinking of getting it all. Don’t get him all, it’s not interesting. Keep him in that sweet curiosity that holds his attention only on you. And if you want to be good for him, remember, just don’t push.


  • I agree with these guys.

    Have you ever been in a situation where a guy forgot to call you, and the next time you bumped into each other he didn't bring it up or apologize and you didn't bring it up? It kind of keeps things mysterious and interesting... the FIRST time. If you keep getting stood up, or it takes a few years for them to talk to you again, then I would definitely ignore him. He obviously didn't care enough to talk to you all this time... maybe he's bored/lonely now and thinks he'll try his luck with you again. Forget about him unless he gives you a reason not to. You know... if he brings what happened up and explains why he hasn't talked to you all this time.