Why do some guys act like nothing happened?

Why do some guys act as if nothing happened? I met this guy a few years ago at a bar and he gave me his number. He stood me up when we were suppose to meet, and we never spoke after that. Recently he is trying to talk to me over Facebook, as if nothing happened. What's the deal?


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  • I don't think anyone wants to remember past mistakes... dunno about girls but guys have a problem admitting their mistakes and they would much rather forget that they happened (drinking alcohol helps).

    I mean, why would you want to keep thinking and remember about mistakes in the past and let them influence what your doing in the present??? Wouldn't you much rather start fresh.

    And seriously, if you don't wanna talk to him or know him anymore, just don't , don't talk to him, pretend that "nothing ever happened". Is not being able to understand guys your real problem or is their something more??

    Probably still mad at him. Simple solution- ignore him.

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      Yeah, but I don't understand guys when they do stupid stuff like this: The guy who stood me up also hit on my friend a few months later with me there, and kept staring at me, trying to figure it out. The real question is why are some guys such losers?

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      I answered one of these semi-obvious/rhetorical questions once before but the answer got deemed as offensive lol. But remember these: Life's a bitch. There isn't always a happy ending. Some guys are "losers". Some girls are "losers". People make mistakes.