My Boyfriend's House Is ALWAYS Dirty!!

...and he yells at me when I try to clean. He'll like call me and be like "what are you doing? Come watch TV with me!" and I'll go there and his house is disgusting! I can't help but clean and he gets so mad and says it's disrespectful. So the other day while he was at work I went over and cleaned everything. He was so pissed. He other words...cursed me out. Why does he like his home so messy? Is this really disrespectful? And do other guys stay this messy?


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  • He likes his house messy because its his man cave and feels more comfortable at home when its messy and dirty and I'm far from this I can't stand a dirty house


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  • that's really strange. What you did wasn't disrespectful he should appreciate it if anything. I could never live like that.

    • Haha. Appreciation would be greatly appreciated.

  • lol sorry but I find it very strange that he'd actually be mad at you for cleaning his place up.. unless you threw away some of his stuff accidentally?

    My roommates are pretty messy and often leave a bunch of dishes in the sink and tons of beer cans all over. I don't mind but my friends girlfriend definitly does. She cleans all of it up but I don't think anyone would ever be mad at her for it, more like appreciative.

    Anyways, some guys are cleaner than others but I can't see in any way how your boyfriend can take it as "disrespectful". That's bullsh*t!

    • I didn't throw anything away lol. He's just nasty lol

    • if it really bothers you, remember there are plenty of guys out there that would love for a girl to clean up after them lol.

    • Haha. Yay!

  • well, it's good that you clean his house for him, but I don't think he realizes that you're supposed to do that... by natural order of course. Give him time and he'll understand.

    JK I have no idea what his problem is

    • Haha. I don't think he knows!

  • omg I wish there were more girls out there that care much about there boyfriends

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    • just past girlfriends I just don't have trust for girls trying to get over it tho

    • That's'll get over it one day I'm pretty sure.

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  • To be honest I prefer my space to be messy to.. try and think of it like this (since I've had to explain this to many people) Perhaps he considers his house his space, and just like you prefer to have your space clean, he prefers his space do be messy, he feels more comfortable being in mess. If you have trouble reminding yourself of this just remember that his house is his space and he can have it the way HE likes it.. rather than have it the way others may like it. So in the long run, yeah it is disrespectful to go ahead and clean his house without his permission simply because clean isn't the way he likes to live. My boyfriend tried cleaning my house like you did and when I came home.. I was anything but impressed, but after I calmed down I talked to him and explained how my house is my space and clean isn't how I like it, though I try and make sure that none of the mess is anything that will rot.. After I explained this he was far more understanding and feels free to leave anything anywhere.. since I seem to remember where everything is.. I tend to lose things in a clean house rather than a messy one.

    Sorry if I confused you

    • I sorta kinda respect that...but that's nasty. That's gross. And even more so because you're a girl (if your messy is his messy) :/ looking at filth makes me itch soooo...If he wants me to sit in his house...he probably needs to know that I'm probably gonna clean.

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    • That's actually really smart...Thanx

    • Welcome ^^,

  • Well. I can't speak for other guys, but my boyfriend is not like

    that at all. He always wants me to clean.

    There's not a lot you can do about it really.

    I wouldn't call it disrespectful. Your just trying to help right?

    But he is clearly most comfortable in that habitat

    and its his house. if he gets mad at you for changing it,

    you can either accept that or leave his a$$.

    that's just my opinion I guess.

  • Find a new boyfriend that isn't a nasty, dirty slob and actually takes pride in his stuff and surroundings.

  • hahahah wow I did the same thing! I went over and cleaned and did the dishes and everything. Sometimes he wants to just spend time with me and he tells me to just come and lay down with him which I will sometimes but most of the time when he asks me to come relax with him and its so messy to the point where I'm getting annoyed I just tell him to shut up and I'll be done soon. :p He's lazyyy! And disrespectful? hmmm I guess it can be but I'm known to have a more "outgoing" personality and he knows how I can get so in other words it is but I personally don't care cause it needs to get done.

    • Ha ha!...I'm definitely gonna do it anyway.