Do women like it when a guy initiates a contact?

Do woman like it when a guy they don't know on the street, grocery store, elevator, or any other mundane location initiates contact?


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  • Love it.

    If you've got the guts, get on with it.

    • How do you like a guy to initiate contact.

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    • the weather? hahah seriously?

    • Lol. Written at 2:41 AM the weather sounded pretty reasonable. :)

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  • Yep, I love it :)

  • Yes as long as the contact isn't creepy.

    • I appreciate your advice and look forward to using it. What ways do you consider to not be creepy. Thanks

    • A guy that the girl doesn't find physically attractive is creepy.

    • actually nah, you don't have to be attractive. Just don't be stalker-ish, stand too close, ask invading questions, etc

  • You have to be able to read the woman as to whether she is receptive or not to you, but as long as that's in the bag, you're golden.

    • Generally speaking, how can you decifer if she is being receptive or not?

    • If she smiles at you while you're speaking, makes good eye contact, looks like she's enjoying herself around you, and/or flirts with you. If she initiates conversation first, that's also a good sign.

  • of course.


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  • Only problem with that is if the girl doesn't find you attractive enough, she will think you're a creep or something.

    • Bingo - when guys who they find attractive approach them, they have "initiative". When it's a guy who they're not digging, he's "creepy".

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    • If a 6"4, tanned, muscly guy with a 8 inch penis came up to a girl and said "You have a nice ass" we would come off as "straight forward", but a 5"8 guy, with pale skin and an average body would come off as creepy.

    • *He would