Do women like it when a guy initiates a contact?

Do woman like it when a guy they don't know on the street, grocery store, elevator, or any other mundane location initiates contact?


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  • Love it.

    If you've got the guts, get on with it.

    • Lol. Written at 2:41 AM the weather sounded pretty reasonable. :)

    • the weather? hahah seriously?

    • It depends on the situation.

      It's always a good thing to play it safe and use some small talk to keep girls from feeling like you're coming on too strong. Talk about the weather, or something going on nearby, ask a question. Play things off as funny if it suits your personality. Ask if they want help with a current activity. (Good= Helping a lady grab something out of reach. Bad= Helping a lady find something in her purse). Know how to be polite. Know when to back off.

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  • You have to be able to read the woman as to whether she is receptive or not to you, but as long as that's in the bag, you're golden.

    • If she smiles at you while you're speaking, makes good eye contact, looks like she's enjoying herself around you, and/or flirts with you. If she initiates conversation first, that's also a good sign.

    • Generally speaking, how can you decifer if she is being receptive or not?

  • Yes as long as the contact isn't creepy.

    • actually nah, you don't have to be attractive. Just don't be stalker-ish, stand too close, ask invading questions, etc

    • A guy that the girl doesn't find physically attractive is creepy.

    • I appreciate your advice and look forward to using it. What ways do you consider to not be creepy. Thanks

  • of course.

  • Yep, I love it :)

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  • Only problem with that is if the girl doesn't find you attractive enough, she will think you're a creep or something.

    • *He would

    • If a 6"4, tanned, muscly guy with a 8 inch penis came up to a girl and said "You have a nice ass" we would come off as "straight forward", but a 5"8 guy, with pale skin and an average body would come off as creepy.

    • Yep.

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