Environmental damage beyond repair, is it too late to save our environment?

Is the government really doing a lot to save our plant, because it seems to me that our environment is being destroyed more quickly then you could ever image ( a rapid decrease in marine life noted in the Independent)and all our governments our concerned about making money to build up their own countries.


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  • It's the prisoner's delima.

    If America spends money on the environment but no one else does it won't make a difference and it will have been a waste. If we don't spend money but every one else does it'll still work because we're only one country. If no one spends money we're all f***ed but if we all spend money we can save it together.

    That's the point of view a lot of countries have (I just used America because that's where I live). They don't want to spend the money if no one else is going to and waste it all.

    I don't think it's beyond saving, and there have been huge steps taken to fix recycling and use of fossil fuels and such in the past decade. I think if we keep moving towards more fuel effecient cars and planes and boats, as well as fixing the way we treat trash and what we do for recycling and all that then we could start to improve things.

    Mother nature is also very good at healing herself. If we can really make an effort to stop making as big an impact as we have been then the earth can also help itself recover and regrow and heal.

    Everyone just needs to work together.

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      well we kinda caused most of this lol

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      I think that might not be the best reason...America is the world's greatest energy consumer. So I don't think it's fair to say that they don't want to help because no one else is. We're the ones that created many of the environmental problems in the first place...

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      I think we wnat to help, and we're trying. But I think we're afraid to invest too much money and be the only ones trying and have all that money wasted.

      My international relations professor had a whole class about the prisoner's delima and all it's different applications. This was the one that brought up the most controversy.