What can I surprise my boyfriend with on his first day at the new job?

My boyfriend will be starting a new job in a few days and I want to surprise him with something sweet in the morning to send him off on a positive note. I was thinking maybe I could pack him a lunch with a good luck note in it and drop it off to him before he leaves. But I'm wondering what other ideas you guys might have. What would be a good surprise for you if it were your first day?

And unfortunately a morning blow job is not possible, so please don't say that lol.

So today was the big day! I made him a shipwreck skillet dinner (ground beef, rice, and some veggies) but it came out more plain than I was expecting. So I threw in a bag of Scoops chips so he could have bite sized taco type things, I also threw in some teddy grahams that he loves. And I gave him a card with a note written out on it and an apache tear for luck. He loved it! He was so surprised and so happy, I even scored some bonus points with his mom! it was totally worth getting up early for.


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  • Ohh tough one...lol I do not know what he likes, so I can't really answer this...ummm

    okay..I will tell you what I'd do for my BF.

    I would make him lunch..but, not just a sandwich and chips..that won't do! this is a new job! so, I'd make him something where he could heat it up..but, still taste good. Like, my boyfriend really likes hamburger helper. lol...He is addicted to that sh*t!...I would make something else but, he really likes it lol. Or, you can also make him something that you know he'd really like. Once I made my boyfriend cheeseburgers and mac and cheese..And, the note is also a great idea. So, yeah that is a good idea :) Also, I would surprise him with a new CD he has been wanting..Like my boyfriend loves Eminem..So, I'd go get him that new CD. Though, he already has it lol..but, there are others I could get. And, in the note, I would say "here is something to get you up and going!" Because, I mean come on! A new CD by one of his faves would excite him and get him in a happy mood, no? :)

    Maybe meet him afterward and have dinner with him? And, see how things went?

    I am not sure. Once, my boyfriend was sick..but, decided to go to work anyway..so, I went out..bought tons of meds lol and also bought a teddy bear with candy in it lol with a get well card. It was a surprise and he saw it when he woke up. I thought it might be a little much..but he seemed to like it.

    Just saying..you might think things are a little much, but might be surprised.

    Anyway, I know I couldn't help that much..but, good luck! I wish you the best! <3 <3 <3 <3

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      Actually that was pretty helpful lol. I was going to just go with a sandwich, I wasn't even thinking of stuff he could heat up. I like that idea better! The CD is a good idea too. But instead of buying him one I think I'd probably burn him a mix of songs he likes. That's usually what he listens to anyway. Thanks for putting so much thought into your answer! I knew you'd give me a good one :)

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      awww that is a great idea! he will love it! xx

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      aww I am so happy for you! <3