How do I know find out whether a girl or woman is a gold-digger/ just after my money/ status and not me?

How do I know find out whether a girl/ woman is a gold-digger/ just after my money/ status and not for me?

... what if she knows about my status and that I've got assets already?


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  • Tell her that the fiscal crisis has finally hit you (gold diggers are not generally very bright) and that you might loose everything, she reacts like a bitch, she's a gol digger. Go to a bar and say you have no money and ask her to pay if she takes out her wallet stop her because if she likes you for you, she might be turned of that you asked her out when you didn't even have money to pay for the date and feel like your just using her for drinks. If she gets a funny look on her face then you know she's a gold digger :) good luck. Oh and I always find not using any flashy cars and such out that will help you see if she likes you

    • I was going to say the first part of this. If she thinks you are about to lose everything, which is very believable in this day and age, then she will dump you so fast. Also make sure you are not just being paranoid, there are fewer girls out there that care about money then guys think. Most of us want love not money.

    • no honey..if he says he doesn't have money for the date, she doesn't have to be a golddigger to have a funny face. it would come off as a surprise because usually guys make sure they got enough money to take a female out.

    • I have had that happen I just smile and pay for the dinner :) I guess not everyone is like that

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  • if she talks about how she has to pay her rent/bill and what would happen if she can't pay on time before actually asking for it from you, she might be a golddigger.

  • If she wants you to pamper/spoil her only and she does nothing for you in return (massage you/cook/listen to you/etc.), RUN!

  • Well being that I'm a girl who is farrr from a golddigger, I personally feel uncomfortable when a guy wants to buy me things and tell them not to, then again, I'm tha type that wants to do for myself. Sooo I guess if she's asking you to buy or things then id say she's inlove with the money, not you.

  • I'd say when she's alwaz asking you to buy things 4 her

  • does she ever offer to pay for stuff? is she OK doing cheat things?


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  • Why did you give any indication of your earning potential or your assets?

    • I didn't! Someone else's said it to her already. Also, she knows where I work.

    • LMAO, bro you may be rich already but this is excellent romantic comdey stuff. :D

      I would say most likely if she's a gold digger, then there will be a consistent theme of expense on your part, or if she's"good" she'll play her card right like a pro. Avoid anything expensive until you have fallen for her, or she' got you in a committed relationship. Then she'll push in a subtle way for a more expensive lifestyle.

  • Tell her that you are flat broke with a bank statement. If she leaves then you have your answer.

  • She knows your status/money. The only sure way to avoid that is to hide your status, money and earning potential. Don't wave it around.

    • Then take her out on nothing but cheap dates and see how she reacts.

    • couldn't have said it better myself.