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Can I fix things with her?

Okay so this girl used to really like me and we used to text a lot. I even asked her out but nothing ever came of it. Then when her boyfriend dumped... Show More

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  • Girls hate it when guys mess around. What you have to do is call her and ask her, straight up, what is going on. Tell her your feelings for her, and what makes her special. Tell her she's different and special and her boyfriend was dumb to dump her. Tell her that was the past, and the future should be spent with you.

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  • Yeah, just call her. You do if you're upfront and just say what's on your mind. We don't like when guys hide what they're thinking. Talk it out.

  • Well I would call her not text..

    And let her know (if you really like her and want something more like been her boyfriend) I would tell her..

    Sometimes us girls get like that just to see if you really care for us and to see if you are worth it :)

    Hope it helps!

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