Should I choose job or boyfriend?

I currently have a contract for a great job for this year. It's pretty much the best job I could hope for in my field, in a beautiful place, and I... Show More

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  • Which makes you more happy? If you feel like you can live your life fine without him then stay with your job. But if you can't live without him then maybe its time to search for other jobs closer to him. Yea money and material things is always nice but you shouldn't pass up an opportunity with someone to be happy and together for them because life is too short and there's going to come a time where you're older and can't work anymore. Would you rather have the memories of being happy and in love with him or at your job? But if you do choose to be with him then you need to evaluate it completely. Is he right for you? Do you see a future with him? Can you give you everything you want? Will you be okay if that's the last man you're ever with? Etc.

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