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Girls: What's the sweetest thing a man can say to you when he is not your boyfriend?

Girls: What's the sweetest thing a man can say to you when he is not your boyfriend? And you miss your girl cause she is now 2 weeks on vacation?

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    I'm not telling you because you're just going to go say it to some girl and it's not going to be sincere coming from you. You won't be saying it because you genuinely mean it, you'll be saying it because you read on the internet from some girl that it was the sweetest thing a man can say to a girl. That, in my opinion, is f***ed up. First, you don't have the originality and creativity to come up with a sincere, genuine compliment. Tnen you take credit for someone else's sincere cuteness. Then you give this poor girl the impression of something that is false just to impress her! Even if it's not false, it's still wrong because it's not coming from the heart.

    • Yes thought the same thing after 10 min lol, BUT I did not mean to say a certain phrase or something but like tips and stuff. sorry for my bad english.

    • tips and stuff? there are no tips. just speak from the heart.

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  • it simply has to come from the heart

  • A guy who is not her boyfriend can say anything sweet to a girl that is not sexual. Example: "You're beautiful," "You're Intelligent," "You're Fascinating" whatever stay in that area. Make sure it is true though.

  • Wait, your girlfriend is on vacation, but you want to say something sweet to a different female?

    • No to her.

    • Oh, then I agree with "anonymous." Just be sincere.

  • i missed you

  • there is no certain phrase...its something specific about the girl.

    like, this guy friend of mine told me that I'm the best artist he knows & that he hopes I could draw/paint something for him someday. it was really sweet. a simple compliment or a bit of honesty about how you feel can make a girl's day :)

  • it has to come from the heart. at the right moment. check out the short movie "signs"

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