Boyfriend wants to take things slow, what does that mean? GUYS HELP!

ive been dating my boyfriend almost 2 years. we broke up for 3 months. but dated casually during that time. we got back together officially a few weeks ago, cause I gave him an ultimatium either we become official or I walk. after we got back together he said he wants to take things slow.? we... Show More

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  • I agree with Habakkuk's answer and I also want to add that his career may be of great importance to him, so much that relationship issues aren't really wanted at the moment.

    You can't force him in a relationship, if he doesn't want to it won't happen. If you don't do anything else other than sex in those 1-2 times a week, I have a hunch it's going in the wrong direction, at least for you.

    • we also will go out for drinks go to the movies. go out for breakfast watch movies or cook together?

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    • As I said, you already gave him an ultimatum and you agreed to his terms.

    • i meant tho in time if it is working he should stop taking it slow. and he wil fall in love again? or do you honestly think its a lost cause. I think I mean a lot to him. he has been in 2 relaitonship before he was cheated on . both relationship ended on a clean slate they did not drag it out or get back together like we are doing