Why are video games better than women?

i be insane if I choose a video game over a woman but I got to admit that video games are better then women in some part like...

1) they have an on/off switch 2) they don't complain when you play with them all day 3) they don't complain when you don't play with them at all 4) you could adjust their difficulty setting 5) they don't get jealous when you buy/play another video game console etc, but do you know any other reasons?

ohh yea! and 6) they don't follow you around after you played with them
damn this was fun! I will never regret asking this

lmao! is funny how many people deleted me as the friends, after I asked this question
so yea! for those of you that deleted me from their friends list upon asking this question... THANK YOU SO MUCH! for taking those type of actions. it just shows me how HYPOCRITES you guys are and I hate hypocrites, so you guys don't know the favor you guys did upon unfriending me, lmfao!
oohh yea and reason number 7) you can sell them back and buy new games!

this guy give even more reasons... I'm kinda of jealous that he came out with more reasons them me, but he got my full respect


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  • Well.. there is no comparison

    they are completely different categories

    however if you prefer

    playing video games

    to spending time with women, that is your business.

    but you can't rationally identify what a 'woman' is, the way you can a video game. because people are not objects& they are all unique& different from each other.. you do not have instructions.. you have to get to know them to find out

    but if you prefer video games that is your business

    but your question is irrational imo. its a category mistake.

    Different than video games, women are not meant for your entertainment they are human beings independent of your relation to them. Video games are video games, BECAUSE human beings play them.A woman is a human being, whether you play her or not

    • i know, but I was trying to be funny... and venting out at the same time

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    • and beside being hypocrites, I also noticed how some users here are straight up COWARDS. I'm not gona point fingers but some here have responded with a lot of hostility and I have fought them back. but you know what they have done after I answer to their bitch-ness? they BLOCKED me! that should show you the COWARD-ness within them

    • yea.. I don't see the point in blocking someone. I and real life, you meet a lot of people with different views. its delusional to expect to have complete agreement online, where people are probably more honest then in real life. Why not just get used to disparity between views. That's reality.

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  • 1) You get a sense of accomplishment when you're done playing with them :D

    2) At a certain point, you can actually understand the whole game, while woman are always a wonder.

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  • hardy har har

  • I love viedo games, I'm not sure why I haven't been picking them over boyfriends this whole time. Minus the whole cuddling, kissing, sex, conversation, leaving the house together part. Oh yeah...now I know why lol

  • Or you can just get laid and I'm sure your view will change...

    • yea then my life will be flooded with drama after getting laid

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    • Get to know the girl before jumping into anything then. Of course video games are fun, but living your whole life alone? ehh lol

    • i have... and after a year or 2, still do a 360

  • I'd say video games are better than men cause they offer instant gratification and you don't have to wonder whether they like you or not and all that crap.

  • Too bad you can't have sex with them...or can you O_o...

    • Well... XD ha ha no, don't plan on trying. lol

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    • lol I really was just trying to be "funny"

    • Lol well you amused me :D so great question XDD

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  • Video games don't have gay friends or watch Oprah.

  • You made some great points in my opinion, but yet each one (Video game and woman) all have their pros and cons, just like I'm sure (Video game and male) has it's pros in cons in a woman's opinion.

    1) They have an on/off switch ... Well, that can be said about us as males as well.

    2) They don't complain when you play with them all day ... I love a lot of touchiness in a relationship but damnit not all dayyyy and I'm sure a woman is the same way, the video game might feel that way also but it can't talk, it just causes systems to overheat and you need a new one after a while, and that may be your sign.

    3) They don't complain with you don't play with them at all ... I'm sure if you was to play with a woman ALL day for seven days and the next day she doesn't complain that you are not playing with her, I bet not, jeez you just played with your non stop for a week, I would need a break myself as a man and be like get off me woman lol

    4) About setting their difficulty level ... I have nothing lol

    5) They don't get jealous with you buy/play another "video game" ... Well the way you just put that is more like this ... You saying you want a woman/gf/fiance/wife that does not get jealous when you "buy/play" with another woman ... Well first off, playing with another woman while in a relationship is cheating and if you can't be true to the one you with, you don't need to be dating. And also, if you are "buying" another woman, you are doing it wrong my brother.

    6) They don't follow you around after playing with them ... I would say this goes for young girls, girls that might have been a virgin before you met 'em and now they get clingy ... Same goes for guys, I have seen women, "put it on" some men and then the guy acts like a dog in heat.

    All in all, video games are great - I do put some time away in the day to play my Black Ops, but at the end of the day my friend, I'm still looking for that woman that can be there for me, cuddle with at night time, make breakfast for in the morning, have great talks and laughs and just have that unbelievable connection.

    Now if you are sleeping and cuddling with you video games, talking to it and making it breakfast, you might want to get the brain examined. =)

    • It's sort of a disturbing trend to see how many guys are so obsessive with their games. Some just cannot prioritize things in proper order when sucked into a game. Guys and their games is no big deal, but the overwhelming portion of guys who are always like OMG VIDEO GAME OVER WOMEN/NEGLECTING RELATIONSHIP FOR GAME just baffles me. Are men in our society really getting that immature and self centered? :/ I've always been baffled by guys who prioritize games, but once I experienced it in my

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    • no I don't do any of the last ones, lmao I just playing with them the way they were design for. and about the 1st one... you know women find all that offensive anyways

    • ^^^what a White Knight^^^^

  • you sir have balls the size of penthouses.

  • What? are you seriously insane man lol. Girls are the best things there is. What are you going to do when your video game won't have electricity, or will brake down. or if you will loose your job. Who will motivate you who will push you to become someone you have no idea you can become ( goes both ways ) Video game is a disease my friend. Yes they are great you escaping reality into something better. But comparing woman to a video game is like comparing a wheel that you have to push with a flying car.

    • im afraid women now a days don't do what you say they do

  • I will give up video games to be with my girl,or invite her to play them with me.I would love to hold her hand and make her feel good anyway I can. she doesn't have to follow me because I'm right next to her as much as possible to play with her hair or rub her feet, there is nothing I would rather do but her, I call her sweet baby all day long when she talks to me and I love it when I can make her feel safe in my arms.She dumped me,so that is one thing tht is better is my platstation won't dump me): but it is not fair to compare the two, I love a women in my hands rather than a controller tht doesn't give love back.

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