Why are video games better than women?

i be insane if I choose a video game over a woman but I got to admit that video games are better then women in some part like...

1) they have an on/off switch 2) they don't complain when you play with them all day 3) they don't complain when you don't play with them at all 4) you could adjust their difficulty setting 5) they don't get jealous when you buy/play another video game console etc, but do you know any other reasons?

ohh yea! and 6) they don't follow you around after you played with them
damn this was fun! I will never regret asking this

lmao! is funny how many people deleted me as the friends, after I asked this question
so yea! for those of you that deleted me from their friends list upon asking this question... THANK YOU SO MUCH! for taking those type of actions. it just shows me how HYPOCRITES you guys are and I hate hypocrites, so you guys don't know the favor you guys did upon unfriending me, lmfao!
oohh yea and reason number 7) you can sell them back and buy new games!

this guy give even more reasons... I'm kinda of jealous that he came out with more reasons them me, but he got my full respect

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  • Well.. there is no comparison

    they are completely different categories

    however if you prefer

    playing video games

    to spending time with women, that is your business.

    but you can't rationally identify what a 'woman' is, the way you can a video game. because people are not objects& they are all unique& different from each other.. you do not have instructions.. you have to get to know them to find out

    but if you prefer video games that is your business

    but your question is irrational imo. its a category mistake.

    Different than video games, women are not meant for your entertainment they are human beings independent of your relation to them. Video games are video games, BECAUSE human beings play them.A woman is a human being, whether you play her or not

    • yea.. I don't see the point in blocking someone. I and real life, you meet a lot of people with different views. its delusional to expect to have complete agreement online, where people are probably more honest then in real life. Why not just get used to disparity between views. That's reality.

    • and beside being hypocrites, I also noticed how some users here are straight up COWARDS. I'm not gona point fingers but some here have responded with a lot of hostility and I have fought them back. but you know what they have done after I answer to their bitch-ness? they BLOCKED me! that should show you the COWARD-ness within them

    • Fair enough ;)

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  • You got owned so much on one question.

  • Haha love this question! :D I laughed for 5 minutes

    • haha two things that will ruin a person

    • and sensitive

    • lol cause they are laaame

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  • Your updates make you sound even more ridiculous.

    • really! now I know how much you admire my work... thanks for taking the time to make up opinions

  • why does that make people hypocrites?

    • the people who where my friends and deleted me because of this question are hypocrites because most of them I used to talk to almost everyday and they just x me out of the blue. something that's fake, hypocrites do best... DO YOU UNDERSTAND NOW!?

    • I read it and get that...I'm just curious what they hypocrisy was about.

    • read the update over... and if your not one of those people I'm referring to, don't worry about

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  • Shut up, I doubt they give a f*ck

    • Im bored.

    • if you didn't care... why did you bother showing your opinion/interest to the response of this so called "ass"?

    • Im not hurt, I don't care, you seem like an ass.

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  • wow...you need to find better women.

    • *post it on a

  • lmao video games are better than men too ;)

    • Now there's something that sounds worth trying! Might be a little hard to concentrate though lol

    • unless they sucky you off/eat you out while playing, then you got the best of both worlds! M I RITE?!

  • Video games can't get jealous?

  • You sound sheltered and like a cave dweller. This is funny, but I've seen this attitude from a lot of guys (and some girls). Far too much escaping from reality, which proves just how immature some people are who play games. Not every gamer is like this, but far too many are. "OMG REALITY SUCKS. I'M GONNA GO HIDE FROM IT."

    Have fun with your lovely little theory there though. Video games won't keep you warm at night or get you laid.

    • You need to work on your writing skills. I have no idea wtf you just said. You're a self proclaimed "artist?" No wonder you have problems with the ladies.

    • this*

    • theres difference type of women in ththjis world, trust me. plus I met once in a while not 24/7 like you think

      ps= escaping reality is what we artist love doing to accomplish our goals

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  • Why is chocolate better than a man? 1) It always make you feel good if you're upset 2) It doesn't yell at you for putting on a little weight 3) A little amount if sufficient, no big production of how much of a man it is 4) It tastes good :p 5) It is always where you left it and there for your convenience (in the cabinet) as opposed to out all night and not telling you where it is or leaving you hanging and last but not least 6) It never thinks someone else is prettier :)

  • Yep, we have a comedian..

    how about this

    1. you can't f*** a game console...

    and that pretty much sums it up AND also, you shouldn't be 'playing' with women, we're humans, not gaming consoles. And I agree with what other girls have said about joysticks, although I'm sure the gaming discs would be content with what pleasure they get from you. And no doubt the controller vibrations would do more for a woman then what you could.

    • and like I told queefy... I never said "video games are better than women in s SEXUAL WAY" so next time before you answer a question please read the whole thing and don't look at other peoples answers and try to form your out of them, "make your own answer"

    • Ummm? Okay then... Weirdo.

    • yea... that my life seems to be really important to ya! lmao :P

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  • Damn, you just love pissing people off, huh?

  • hardy har har

  • Well if you want to treat women like video games, then yeah continue play real video games, because we're human too, not games.

    • thats right! where did I say women aren't humans?

  • By all means, continue playing with your video games. You'll be doing women (and humanity) a favour. :P

    • No idea why you're commenting on this months later, but um, good for you, I guess.

    • yes, I'll do exactly what Kain6th said... "i didn't come to this world to please anybody" but if what I like to do really does do a favor to humanity, then I don't mind doing humanity(specially u) that favor

    • lol ouch

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  • And you know why video games are better than men? The joysticks never go soft.

    That's all I have to say.

    • and about the last part of my statement, I'm confident about it because like I said "i didn't mean video games are better than women in a sexual way"... unlike you who does look for your sexual need in video games and you actually take pride in it. lmao

    • yes I do know because all I did was analyze what you said and use my street knowledge that I'm gifted with. it was no rocket science

    • QA-- only you would know that

      Belgie & Elijah -- :D **HUGS!** and it took me a while to find that link :p

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  • Or you can just get laid and I'm sure your view will change...

    • i have... and after a year or 2, still do a 360

    • Get to know the girl before jumping into anything then. Of course video games are fun, but living your whole life alone? ehh lol

    • i gone after the total opposite of what your saying... but like I said they do a 360, unlike my XBOX 360 that never changes unless I make it, lmao

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  • Video games ARE better than women, I agree with you.

  • 1) They're mostly designed by men

    2) You don't actually have to commit to them.

    3) They don't have feelings you have to consider

    4) You can control them

    5) You can beat them

    6) You're awarded with money, items, and power instead of love and affection.

    • your 100% right! and I love the #6... since "love and affection" comes with a lot of negative consequences

  • you don't have to take care of them

  • I love viedo games, I'm not sure why I haven't been picking them over boyfriends this whole time. Minus the whole cuddling, kissing, sex, conversation, leaving the house together part. Oh yeah...now I know why lol

  • This may be a little messed up but I laughed for like 5 minutes after reading this question. Girls must reall suck where you are from too

    • they think there vagina is made of gold... like everywhere else

    • haha I feel for ya then :)

    • :)!

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  • lol, obviously someone has problems getting girlfriends.

    • aint got no proof theyre are my related to me what's so ever! lmao

    • nice combat!

    • Your cousin doesn't count.

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  • sigh...

  • But don't you have to pay for video games? Some girls will let you play for free.

    • yea while most lie 100% of the time some just lie 25% of it

    • Hey hey, cmon now, not all of us lie.

    • well like you said "if they let you PLAY for free", which is never free... women lie too much

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  • 5) LUCKY! My Wii is a jealous butthead! Whenever I play the PS3 for a change, my Wii is all "OMG why are you ignoring me! You think the PS3 is prettier don't you!" I need to know where to get these trusting consoles.

  • Because you play them. Girls play you.

    I'm brilliant, I know.

    • 46d

      yes, the brilliant "Knowmeyourself " from egypt

    • I Guess Not

    • u guess not

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  • I'd say video games are better than men cause they offer instant gratification and you don't have to wonder whether they like you or not and all that crap.

  • Yeah but video games get boring and plus the cost too much and plus you can't do much except control a character around.

    • You separate yourself from society and criticize women, perhaps it is you who is the one making it miserable. Certainly not all women are vulgar, though many are, there are women who are kind and respectful.

    • well... who doesn't want a break from this miserable REAL WORLD. and let me tell you, most of you women make it more miserable then what it has to be

    • Video games take you away from the real world.

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  • You don't get out much do you?

    • Ha ha I was joking, ya know patronizing you? Jesus, people these days :)

    • yes, I'm 8 years older then u... so fall back

    • Not a pedo huh? Interesting

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  • That doesn't make sense, video games is something and women species is a completely different thing. don't see the point of comparing.

    • ok, enough waiting... is two things that we men like to have fun with. makes more sense now?

    • Don't worry, I don't get butthurt easily. I was just trying to make a point.

    • sooo sensitive...

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  • you frogot they don't hug you, talk to you, or give blow jobs

    • and I answered it clearly

    • The controllers can rumble, though.

    • damn she's got a point..

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  • You also get to press any buttons as hard as you want and video games tell you how high your core is *wink wink*

    • *score

  • Too bad you can't have sex with them...or can you O_o...

    • Lol well you amused me :D so great question XDD

    • lol I really was just trying to be "funny"

    • Lol oh yea that too - I don't understand what's so awful about what you put here? I thought it was funny lol :P

      Yea hypocrites annoy the hell outta me - we all do it sometimes - but bold hypocrisy is just like wtf dude - really?

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  • Hahah I've chosen to play video games over sex before.

    4. You can mute them

    • Sorry buddy. More like Crash Banidcoot :D

    • *pouts over being rejected for sex cause she wants to play donkey kong*

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  • You can't have sex with a video game think about that

    • i know you cant... but think about this one, when you have sex with a chick there's a 87% percent chance that she is gonna follow your ass around 24/7 till the point you that she makes your life miserable. opposed to what I met in #6. by the way life is not all about sex anyways

  • And the good thing about video games is you can sell and trade them away. unlike women your stuck with them.

    • hahahaha!

  • @ update: what a lousy update. If you were on my friends list, I would delete you as well.

    • THANX! for checking out my profile

    • u look like an idiot

    • it was so lousy that you had to go ANONYMOUS and make an opinion on it huh? lol

  • Video games don't have gay friends or watch Oprah.

  • 1) Games don't judge

    2) Games are ALWAYS there

    3) Games will never break your heart, and cast you aside like road kill.

    4) Games provide just as much entertainment as women

    5) Games are free to use as long as you like after you've bought one

    6) You can go own and play as many different games as you like and they won't be jealous

    7) Games do not moan

    8) You can play games with friends

    9) Getting an achievement/unlock in a game such as Battlefield 3, that you've been working for ages, is VERY rewarding.

    10) You don't have any commitment, play whenever you like, for however long you like

    • Woo another reason, thanks man.

  • Because in video games you can teabag someone while wearing a full suit of armor, while in real life, you can't (well you can, but I wouldn't suggest it...).

  • I disagree with a fiery passion!

  • lol. Video games aren't better than women. you can't replace a human being. But there are some guys (and even girls) who just love video games. Don't take it personally, it's like a hobby (albeit, an atrophic one).

  • Well I've got one reason why they're better...they're real.

    • yea... a REAL pain in the ass, ey?

    • Yeah totally, your character in wow definitely exists in real life

    • so are video games.

  • haha this is funny..it depends on the women if the women not so good looking and I just want to hit it I could put other things befor her

  • Even if all your friends play around with all your games they won't call them sluts lol.

    Still I would rather have women,but I do enjoy games.I remember long ago this one guy who use to be my friend left his girlfriend outside in the hallway to play some games on ps1 for over a hour.The reason she couldn't come in was because my mom didn't want girls in the home unless she was my girlfriend(I was like 14 at the time).Girls >>>>>> Games,but I do love me some games over girls once in a while.

  • I will give up video games to be with my girl,or invite her to play them with me.I would love to hold her hand and make her feel good anyway I can. she doesn't have to follow me because I'm right next to her as much as possible to play with her hair or rub her feet, there is nothing I would rather do but her, I call her sweet baby all day long when she talks to me and I love it when I can make her feel safe in my arms.She dumped me,so that is one thing tht is better is my platstation won't dump me): but it is not fair to compare the two, I love a women in my hands rather than a controller tht doesn't give love back.

  • I disagree, I prefer women to video games by far

  • You made some great points in my opinion, but yet each one (Video game and woman) all have their pros and cons, just like I'm sure (Video game and male) has it's pros in cons in a woman's opinion.

    1) They have an on/off switch ... Well, that can be said about us as males as well.

    2) They don't complain when you play with them all day ... I love a lot of touchiness in a relationship but damnit not all dayyyy and I'm sure a woman is the same way, the video game might feel that way also but it can't talk, it just causes systems to overheat and you need a new one after a while, and that may be your sign.

    3) They don't complain with you don't play with them at all ... I'm sure if you was to play with a woman ALL day for seven days and the next day she doesn't complain that you are not playing with her, I bet not, jeez you just played with your non stop for a week, I would need a break myself as a man and be like get off me woman lol

    4) About setting their difficulty level ... I have nothing lol

    5) They don't get jealous with you buy/play another "video game" ... Well the way you just put that is more like this ... You saying you want a woman/gf/fiance/wife that does not get jealous when you "buy/play" with another woman ... Well first off, playing with another woman while in a relationship is cheating and if you can't be true to the one you with, you don't need to be dating. And also, if you are "buying" another woman, you are doing it wrong my brother.

    6) They don't follow you around after playing with them ... I would say this goes for young girls, girls that might have been a virgin before you met 'em and now they get clingy ... Same goes for guys, I have seen women, "put it on" some men and then the guy acts like a dog in heat.

    All in all, video games are great - I do put some time away in the day to play my Black Ops, but at the end of the day my friend, I'm still looking for that woman that can be there for me, cuddle with at night time, make breakfast for in the morning, have great talks and laughs and just have that unbelievable connection.

    Now if you are sleeping and cuddling with you video games, talking to it and making it breakfast, you might want to get the brain examined. =)

    • 46d

      ^^^what a White Knight^^^^

    • no I don't do any of the last ones, lmao I just playing with them the way they were design for. and about the 1st one... you know women find all that offensive anyways

    • own relationship it was just... wow. How a guy can easily treat someone else like that for the sake of a game is just ...wtf. I'd addressed this phenomenon on a forum somewhere and the overwhelming majority of guy answers were all placing blame on the girlfriend and how she should just play the game with him. That was probably the only solution. You'll see the same answers across the board on various sites. Again, guys and their games? Whatever. Being THAT obsessive? Wtf.

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  • Pretty funny but honestly getting laid beats video games any day.

  • As offensive as this question might be, I would like to add that you can always press the pause button when you are frustrated with out getting crap

  • Only good point I can see is video games are always there for you where as women never really are

    • true that, sadly. Women can be so insensitive

  • What I learned today: Video games and women in the same sentence gets people fired up. Goodness people *shakes head*

    • is because truth hurts after all

  • le sigh! Heavy le sigh!

    Video games are fun and all but there is no way they can compare on any level to dedication and trust with a woman. It feels like the most amazing thing in the world.

  • 1) You get a sense of accomplishment when you're done playing with them :D

    2) At a certain point, you can actually understand the whole game, while woman are always a wonder.

  • Video games don't ask you if you still find them attractive / like them all the time. Christ.

    • Picture a game you got bored of days ago keeps waking you up and is like "Do you not like playing with me anymore"...that would be freaky and annoying if that kept happening.

  • I love video games, but I love vagina more than I love video games.

  • What? are you seriously insane man lol. Girls are the best things there is. What are you going to do when your video game won't have electricity, or will brake down. or if you will loose your job. Who will motivate you who will push you to become someone you have no idea you can become ( goes both ways ) Video game is a disease my friend. Yes they are great you escaping reality into something better. But comparing woman to a video game is like comparing a wheel that you have to push with a flying car.

    • im afraid women now a days don't do what you say they do

  • lmfao, really? women are better.. video games are just there to keep you busy when yourrrrree... not in the mood :D

  • not me I don't like video games and never have.

  • Why women are better than video games?

    -They got real boobs and real curves you can touch not just pixels you jerk off in front of your screen

    -Their presence makes you seem like a macho but sinking into video games makes you seem like a loser

    -Women can make you truly happy but video games are just a waste of time

    -A video game won't make the dinner ready

    -You can't even really talk to a video game

    -A video game won't support you if you'll get in a deep crap, especially if it's caused by playing video games

    -Video games are very repetitive, but women can surprise you every moment

  • you sir have balls the size of penthouses.

  • I sold all my games when I was 18 because I liked girls more lol

    • Yeah. I had a girlfriend that I spent so much time with that I realized I hadn't touched my games in like almost 2 years so I just sold them. Right now I don't have any game consoles or games besides some stuff I downloaded on my pc lol

    • did it pay off?

  • A video game has never made me watch Grey's Anatomy or listen to Lady Gaga :\

    • and if by any circumstance like maybe the game has one of lady gaga's track in the level. you can always go to options and lower or even mute the music

    • lol. Aw, poor thing.

  • I sold my Xbox360 for having money to take out an Ex. Worst MISTAKE EVER.

  • You forgot women have t*ts. Playing with t*ts over playing with some fake polygons any day brah.

    • i've played with many real t*ts already and I don't got a problem playing with new ones, so t*ts are no longer an "life ambition" to me

    • Enjoy your polygons brah

    • good luck doing that

  • lol compelling case there sir, I like number 4. boy I wish women had a difficulty setting! you forgot number 7) you can sell them back and buy new games!

  • They don't cheat on you. In fact you can cheat on them and it gets even more fun.

    • lmao! now why didn't I though of that one

  • They arent. Women give you a dose of life, something you can carry with you forever. Videogames are revisited sometimes after you beat them, but not nearly as new or fun, a good woman always seems new and endearing and fun. Id rather look at a girl than a screen. Although I am sitting here watching my cousin play Arkham Asylum and its pretty kewl.

    7.) They don't mind when you play with them while you eat food

  • They don't judge you,expect you to have a big penis,or get really cranky every month. :D