Why don't men like having female roomates?

so I am 26 and I prefer living with males. I just hate the drama and unnecessary cat fights ladies tend to have when living together. I really just like to come home from work and relax. Even one of my male roomates previously said " I regret moving you in"...i think it is because I am attractive, because we got along fantastically. I mean I don't seduce my roomates, I am always fully clothed. I don't get it...i really need to find new male roomates, and its hard, why is this?

I need a new roomate because my old one moved out of state. Gosh I really don't want to be forced to live with females again, living with males is so darn drama free...no nagging, no fighting, just peace. I mean I love my girlfriends, just don't want to live with them. How do I find good male roomates that don't want to sleep with me, or at least won't act on it?


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  • Hmmm... I guess it's because of the girlie looking bathrooms they insist on having and the mountains of beauty and hair products they bring with them plus it's just awkward sometimes being around people of the opposite gender and I would rather just not have girls around. Plus they might have other guy friends they bring over and party with that annoy me or I can tell are scumbags but if she likes them I can't get rid of them. With guys and their guy friends I can straight up say I don't like that dude and he isn't coming over here lol.


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  • I've never had a problem with it.

  • "I just hate the drama and unnecessary cat fights ladies tend to have "

    You answered this very nicely for everyone ;)

    Try craigslist.

    • thats between females...if I am the only female, how would this happen

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    • ok I see. hmm.. well girls take longer in the bathroom. And you leave long gross hair in the sinks. Maybe there's no empty room. idk... I think an all guy house is just more fun. You can talk guy talk without worrying about offending the girl. You can talk aobut which girl is the hottest without thinking your putting the girl roomy down. It's just easier. Look for guys who need the $$$ I'm sure they let you stay there. I would if I was desperate. GL!

    • thats so untrue , my last roomate use to bring home a girl every night. I don't care. I am never even attracted to these dudes, so care less what they do, and never would I pursue anything intimate with a roomie. I could care less what they do, when the boys are drinking and having guy time, I just go out or go to my room...i really don't care, I just want peace.

  • I have nothing against female roommates. I'm currently living with 3 right now.

  • find gay ones, or really faithful ones or shy ones that are too scared to actually try anything

    • yea but the gay ones a lot of the time, act like bitchy chicks...kid of defeats the purpose of having a male roomate...i need a roomate with typical male behavior minus the wanting to screw me part

    • well, you'll have to find the "good" guys that will respect you as well as their own relationships

  • Idk I wouldn't mind rooming with a girl.

  • Don't bring men who don't pay rent but want to live in the place home.

    • I never bring men home lol...none of my roomates have ever seen a guy that I have dated...besides I no longer date anyways lol

    • I don't know. I need roommates, I would prefer female.

  • Same reason why you don't like having female roommates.

  • I loved having a female roommate. Probably one of my best roommate situations ever.

  • For me, it would be the constant temptation of something I could not have.


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  • I actually do know a guy who prefers having female roommates without wanting to sleep with them. I wouldn't recommend living with him though...

    And if your attitude towards other women is that they cause drama, of course there's going to be drama. Making negative assumptions doesn't exactly help to avoid cat fights, it causes them.

  • i live with guys, no problem.

  • Well, they are afraid of it. When women are around, men naturally get tempted, its like seeing a million dollars right in front of you...but you are strapped to a chair 5 feet away from it.

    Also the reasons you mentioned, men are more simple and can get along with other males who enjoy the same things as them. Most women bitch, complain, ect. and do other girlie things that pisses girls off. I had 2 other female roomates and 1 male roomate and we all drove him to the point of insanity. There were 2 bedrooms and 4 beds, yet only one bathroom. And our toiletries had over ridden the place. He had to store his stuff in the room and then bring it to the bathroom when he needed it.

    Also sometimes we forget stuff we do normally is disgusting. For instance, catherine left her maxi pad paper wraps all over the room (which he was sharing the room with her) and I think emily shaved her legs (and that "special" area) in the tub once and forget to clean it out so when he got in his foot was greeted to a bunch of female body and pubic hair. And we had that fresh girlie scent everywhere.

    We also took over the only TV in the place, watching pretty little liars, the bachelottre and other women only shows all the damn time so he would have to leave to go to a friends house to watch a football game.

    I think the reason why is because us females tend to give males major headaches, I know I gave him one. :P

  • I'm a girl and I think I'd be way too tempted living with males. It's like sticking candy in a baby's face and saying "You can't have any" to me.

    • yea I guess, but I always think, even if my roomate is super attractive " there are plenty of single men outside the house to be involved with , why cause uneccessary drama"...because it will be awkward when he is bringing home other women...i always think of the consequences. So I would never even think of that.