Why don't men like having female roomates?

so I am 26 and I prefer living with males. I just hate the drama and unnecessary cat fights ladies tend to have when living together. I really just like to come home from work and relax. Even one of my male roomates previously said " I regret moving you in"...i think it is because I am attractive, because we got along fantastically. I mean I don't seduce my roomates, I am always fully clothed. I don't get it...i really need to find new male roomates, and its hard, why is this?

I need a new roomate because my old one moved out of state. Gosh I really don't want to be forced to live with females again, living with males is so darn drama free...no nagging, no fighting, just peace. I mean I love my girlfriends, just don't want to live with them. How do I find good male roomates that don't want to sleep with me, or at least won't act on it?


Most Helpful Guy

  • Hmmm... I guess it's because of the girlie looking bathrooms they insist on having and the mountains of beauty and hair products they bring with them plus it's just awkward sometimes being around people of the opposite gender and I would rather just not have girls around. Plus they might have other guy friends they bring over and party with that annoy me or I can tell are scumbags but if she likes them I can't get rid of them. With guys and their guy friends I can straight up say I don't like that dude and he isn't coming over here lol.