How can I get my boyfriend to ask me to move in with him?

He has his own house and has mentioned to me when he first got the house about moving in with him, but under the circumstances I couldn't really as I had no job, now I do and have for a while and he hasn't said anything about it. I don't want to be the one to ask to move in to his house.


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  • I see so many questions about "how do I get my partner to do xxx...". And I feel like the answe is always the same. You need to talk about it. Communication is always the key. And I know it's not easy. But you can't always be on safe ground in a relationship. Vulnerability is one of the key features to happiness in a meaningful relationship. So here is what you do. Ask about it. But don't come with made decisions to your partner. Always leave room for decisions to be made together. As stupid as it sounds, the phrasing is important. People tend to get defensive when they are not offered alternatives. That's just how we are wired. So you could simply say "how would you feel if I brought up the moving in together again that you mentioned once?".

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      Thank you! People let fear block communication. :) Best answer!