How do black people get so good at dancing?

Seriously all my African-British friends here are crazy good dancer, they even do the whole synchronized dancing without any previous rehearsal. How can I catch up?


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  • *moonwalks through the question* lmao I'm just kidding, I don't think black people are naturally talented at things like dancing or sports, it can be anyone. Many of blacks grew up to music containing drums which is music that is best for dancing. I'm not trying to put any music genre or anything, I listen to all of the above, but most of music containing drums are best for dancing , so people practice or its something they saw and mimic. I'm not a professional dancer or anything, but I can move alright .

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      Yup. It's the culture

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      yup, I was raised on soul,jazz, hip hop, rap, and reggae.

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      uhh umm sure? I don't see why not lol.