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Girls, how do you put your bra on?

lol funny question I know but this morning after I had a shower I couldn't be bothered to put my bra on and reach out to pull it together ( I... Show More

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  • I've only known one ex that did it the "long way". All of the others (and the current) all do the swivel method.

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  • I always do it the way you did this morning...

  • I either do it backwards, and then twist it around, or occasionally hook it first and pull it over my head, haha. Unhooking it when it's already on is easy, but putting it on that way isn't because it's hard to get the right hooks to line up.

  • I have always hooked it in the front with the cups on my back. Then I twist it around and put my arms in.

    It's hard to hook it behind your back lol.

  • i always do it behind my back ha ha find it pretty easy now but I used to struggle :)

  • I put it around my torso then fasten the fasteners. Then twist it around and then stick my arms through the straps and then pull it up :p

  • i just reach around to clasp it. I did the swivel method once, cut my back with the clasp ><

  • i used to swivel it, but I do it the long way now.

    i think I have long arms lol.

  • I put the front part of the bra to the back and bring the 2 sides you fasten to the front of my body. I hook the bra closed and slide it around to the front, push the straps over my shoulders and DONE! I don't have the time or patience to hook it from the back! lol

  • yep same way as you did it

  • I hook it behind my back. It's faster that way. I used to struggle with it though; now, I'm used to it.

  • I always put it the wrong way an swivel it up. It's getting quicker if you've done it a lot. To me this is the quickest way. Trying to hook it up from behind is so annoying to me. There's always something wrong.

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