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Which female celebrity has the nicest butt?

beyonce: link





nicki minaj




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  • Definitely none of those. How about Vida Guerra?


    • no, homo.. but she has one nice rounded ass! ;)

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    • Best answer for nicest butt? I'll take it! :P

    • aha;)

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  • I like them all but I think... Nicki Minaj maybe

  • I want QUALITY not quantity. A tight, perky butt is way more attractive than a big fat J-Lo arse.

    eg. Shantel Vansanten (Quinn from One Tree Hill)

    link link link

    • Uh, her butt isn't tight and perky. That's flat and shapeless bro

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    • I find her abs freaking dreamy. I mean, I don't want abs but if I could have her midsection I sure as fudge would. I remember a scene where she was in a bikini and I fell in love with her abs

      I'm not white so, I definitely find her butt flat but it's obviously subjective

    • Honestly, the directors seem to find some excuse to get her into a bikini (or something equally skimpy) nearly every week. It's pure genius if you ask me :)

  • All of those are nasty, too big. Smaller round ones ftw

  • Ugh... don't like any of those. I don't get why people are into badonkadonks or whatever -_- with the other guys, quality over quantity. Tight perky round heart shaped ass or something if I truly gave a sh*t that much about appearances.

    Not sure what celebrity I'd say. I don't pay attention to them much. A real girl's butt I'd show that I enjoy I would, but that'd be rude :P and not like I have a pic of such lol.

  • Melyssa Ford

    • Sorry I can't post a link because I don't have enough xper points.

    • Have enough xper points now so here are some links



  • Even though I'm sure Nicki's is fake, I'll say her since I can't bring up any hardcore/softcore pr0nstars.

  • None. there all too big

    • Any other celebs?

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