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Why keep talking to me if he doesn't want to take it any further?

Ok, I need your opinion. This guy who is a friend of my mutual friend gets my number from my website and texts me in July to spend his bday w/him. So... Show More

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  • I don't know to tell you this is kinda of all over the place. It seems like his interested but he might be scared since he knows your Dad so well. But then again who know if he actually really likes this other girl and is being sweet to you because he knows your Dad. I think that you should confront him about what's going on with you guys.

    • So you think he is just calling me (and not my dad) to just be sweet? Ok, now I feel stupid for texting him after he called me the other day and I didn't answer and he left me a message, so I called him back and he didn't answer, so I sent him a text yesterday asking how he was and hope he had a good xmas. :(

    • I'm not saying that he's calling you just to be sweet, maybe you does like you but as a friend. There's nothing wrong with texting and calling seeing how he's doing but if he's no into you like that you don't want him to think that you're annoying after a while especially if he his seeing someone. I think that you really need to ask him flat out what's going on with you guys.

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