What kind of women do men want?

What is it that you guys really want in a lady?


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  • I want a lady who is loyal and faithful to me in every way. Someone who supports me in the tough times, and someone I can count on. Above all, someone who will be there for me through thick and thin! Life comes at you with all kinds of problems and worries; and if you never have to experience your wife or significant other as being one of then, that's worth a lot! The most important quality desired, is a girl that is faithful to you sexually; a girl that you NEVER have to worry about cheating on you. Another quality that is really desired, is good communication; a girl you can talk about anything with. One that you can share common interests with! And one that you can fall positively head over heels in love with; heart and soul! You would be surprised how hard that can be to find. I've found that to be very true in my many years on this earth! Finally, and this is often a bonus, one that is an absolute knock-out physically! And hot and sexy! There; some things I look for in my ideal woman!


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  • And isn't honest communication in a way "you watch my back and I'll watch yours." That's what I meant, I didn't want to be misunderstood. Lol, I don't want everyone to be "changing oil and cooking." But I was just trying to add to what you said, in which your completely right w/ communication. Without that, what do you got, something like Charlie Chaplin and Helen Keller,lol. Now that doesn't make sense.

  • I'd say it depends... Pretty boys look for a 10. Educated guys look for educated girls (you don't want to be talking to someone who you got to define every word for them). Simple guys look for low maintenance girls. A guy will look for a girl who complements him (hopefully), like the old fashioned statement "one changes the oil in the car; one does the cooking." Now that's a very stereotypical statement. I hate to use it. But, it's a good way to relate on the lines of equality. It doesn't have to be viewed like "changing oil and cooking" but just, more like, "you watch my back and I'll watch yours." Maybe that metaphor is a little better. But it's not always like that. Wish it was though.

  • Quality.

  • Truthfully?

    Men want a woman who is a graceful cook in the kitchen, a lady in company and a in the bed.

    That is as succinct as it gets.

    You'll find many will pad their answers with lovey-dovey stuff but at the end of the day men will revert to their basic needs. Cooking is essential as it shows that she is capable of taking care, if need be, of you and the children. Being a lady in company implies that she can hold a conversation, has class, and can be taken with you to any events, whether it is a formal cocktail party or just to friends and relatives. Last but not least is the sexual chemistry... Men like variety so she has to be adventurous in bed and open to try new things. Monotone sex is like watching a flower grow... You know something is happening but you just don't care that much for it.

  • It's pretty simple all guys right off want a hot girl hands down, problem with that is lots of hot girls are bitches. I want a hot girl who is sweet, not a bitch, has a good personality, fun to be around, a girly girl, not prude, yet not a slut, but enjoys sex. We have to have some things in common, if she can cook even better, and one that doesn't cheat , and who has a good body, not saying super model body, but one that is in shape.

  • Intelligent, artistic, funny, attractive, compassionate.

  • I think the nash is wrong because it doesn't work like that for me. I look for someone that I have things in common with that I feel is a good person, and that I know can be loyal, and take the most out of a relationship as possible

    • You said "I look for someone that I have things in common with that I feel is a good person, and that I know can be loyal, and take the most out of a relationship as possible." Isn't that just another example of a person who complements you.

  • I asked the same question except the other way around. I personally would want a girl that would be able to handle a long distance relationship considering I'm in the army. And one that I can trust and that can be loyal and can come to me with their problems when they have one. So therefore my answer is communication.

  • Alright so I'm gonna answer this like how most girls answer this question in vice versa. I was a women that's smart, good looking, got a good shape going on, blue eyes, great smile, one that listens, one that could cook on any day and has a good personality. + they better have some money cause a man wants beer sometimes.


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