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Is it ok to add him on Facebook? What do you think?

Hey all, Quick question, I met this guy a while ago at work. Haven't seen or talked to him in 8 or so months, I found his profile on facebook,... Show More

Oh, and if anyone wonders why it took so long for me to find him, its because I only recently joined facebook. He's got nearly 220 friends and me, a mere 62. I only add close friends and family. Ha, I guess that makes me a facebook loser! lol.
I just realized we have no mutual friends on facebook...wow...but I'm not surprised. And I've just noticed by looking at his list of friends how many of them are really hot girls...hmmm. Its lookin good guys...

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  • It's not creepy to add someone on facebook that you once knew. In fact that's the intent. :)Even if you were just acquaintances you did have conversations.Besides, the worst that could happen is he doesn't friend you. Then you are no worse of then you were the past 8 or so months that you weren't talking to him.

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  • I would add him and if he accepts your friend request then he remembers you and you should start messaging him! GO FOR IT! Sorry if this doesn't help but I would add him.

  • well I don't know depends how did you find him do you have any friends in common? or you searched for him? I would first be friends with a mutual friend and then add him, that way if he remembers you and says heyy how did you find me? you can say I just got a facebook was going through my friends friends to add mutual friends and saw your profile, that kind of a thing. But if someone just added me with no mutual friends and we met a long time ago and they just searched me on facebook I would just think I left one memorable impression , he prob. liked me lol I would be flattered and wouldn't think the person was a creep really. Just add him you are not losing anything by doing it, if he gets freaked out o well his loss

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