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What would be your reaction to a grown man accidentally peeing in his pants in front of you?

Would you laugh at him? or would you help him maybe? :-P

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  • It'd be pretty cold to laugh at the guy, yo. He could have PTSD or something. D: I guess try to help him? Not sure how you can really help with that, though.

    • I would spend serious time looking for a female match...<3

    • What?

What Girls Said 21

  • i would run away

  • how would you help him? hah. I'd probably feel terribly uncomfortable for him, but not laugh.

  • I would probably feel a mix of pity and disgust for the guy. I would pretend I didn't know what happened.

  • You ain't cool, unless you pee your pants!


    • LOL! And, that is why ..I always look for females...like? ..similar? oh well..u get the idea...<3

  • both...Unless he was old.

  • I would like to think I would help.

    • You would always help...a pleasure to know you My Dear! (:

    • You too chap ha ha x

  • I would lmao! Then I would ask if he's ok'?

    • I'd ask, "Is my zipper open?" It should be I'm peeing.

      I had a friend skin his pud once.

    • LMAO! : )

  • I wouldn't laugh.. I would just cry like this link jk

    • did that make you laugh?

    • I would ask if I could help YOU! LOL!

    • lmao taster

  • I would try not to draw anymore attention to him. He's already embarrassed enough.

  • I don't know much I could be if someone would pee their pants...I would laugh depending on why they peed. If they laughed so hard they pissed. I would laugh. If they have a bladder issue/medical conditon I would be concerned.

  • i'm sure lot's of people would chuckle to themselves. I would.

    but then I'd feel bad for him, he'd be so embarassed, so if no on else helped him, I would.

    • hmm...what would you do for him? ...lol..careful...remember who you are talking to ! <3<3<3

  • My first reaction would be my jaw dropping to the floor honestly. Then I would act like I didn't see it and walk away to give him some privacy.

  • I would think they have a bladder problem. Idk, if I would help him.

  • i'd give him something to cover up while laughing like a mule and trying to utter ''do you need any help?''

  • Depends on his age, if it were an elderly gentleman, I'd offer help. If it were someone who appeared to be DD, I'd offer assistance. If it were someone who didn't "fit" into those 2 categories, I might ask, depending on the situation, ie not a bar, etc, but I would carefully watch his response. I wouldn't handle it myself in any case, I'd call for medical assistance.

  • fetish-related?

    health problem?

    • Both. :-P

    • i'd feel embarrassed for him. not sure how I could help.

    • PMSL ! rolling on the floor AND pissing myself! Hon..I REALLY do like you...but...how will you cope in a world...surrounded by pee-thirsty guys? O:O

  • I'd be really embarrassed for him but I don't know how I could help

  • I'd try not to laugh and mind my own buisness. I bet the poor man would be mortified as it is.

  • I would tell everyone I knew he was a pervert and report him to the manager of his job, totally ruining his reputation. Don't f*ck with me :)

    There's no way to accidentally do that.

    • Yes you can lol. What about old people? :-P

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    • I hope you p*ss your pants daily from the age of 40 on, cold hearted bitch :) have a nice one.

    • I misread the question. I thought you said "PEEP" not pee. if he accidentally peed his pants, for goodness sake, I'd pretend not to notice so that he wouldn't feel humiliated! I thought you meant an old man who's a pervert and peeped his penis for everyone to see

  • id feel bad for him, a bit disgusted at the same time and would mind my own business

What Guys Said 11

  • I would do neither. I think I would just act like I didn't notice it.

  • I'd ignore it unless he asked for help.

  • Just give him an empathetic look and walk on by.

  • How would you help him?

  • I can't say that I'd laugh. but I think it also depends on if the guy is a total stranger, or a friend of mine. I just think laughing at the misfortune of others tends to immaturity on the part of the person that is laughing.

  • It's not the 1st time.

  • I will be honest. My first reaction will be to laugh at him. Now until he clears what was the reason behind this (a genuine medical problem), its gonna be hard for us to stop laughing.

  • my friend the red tuba man makes people sh*t themselves

  • "LOL"

  • I'd turn and look to see what he's looking at.

    Cause it's entirely possible T-rex is rampaging down the street towards him and me.

  • Clean up on aisle 6? =/

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