What is a good and trustworthy website to watch free online movies?

Okay, so like, I was wondering if anybody watches free movies online: new and old movies, and if you do, can you tell me which website won't give me a virus or a movie filmed straight out of a movie theater where you can hear people coughing and see silhouettes of heads of people getting up to use the washroom or buy popcorn or the laughter of annoying girls. Thanks.


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  • You can use boxee ( link )and add subscriptions for paid and free online TV and movie channels. Only downsides is that it uses drm, streaming and ad support (ads are infrequent).

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  • Youtube

  • Honestly, it's probably just easier to get Netflix. $8/month (here at least) and you can hook your laptop to your TV to watch or if you have a Wii you can download the Netflix channel from the Nintendo Shop Channel.

  • Motionempire.com

  • google: 'project free tv'there is a lot of free movies and TV shows on there. I use it all the time :)

  • Netlix is having a 30 day FREE trial!

    • they always have that...

    • AND?

  • tv shows: flickpeek.com

  • kinox.toits very famous in germany, swiss etc...

    • looks very promising, thanks for the link

  • YouTube?

  • There is this one that I used to go on but they keep changing the URL but if you google watch free movies online it should come up. Here, I'll do it for you: link

  • i like free TV project

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  • Torrent.

  • Their is this site called awooh.com.

  • try surf the channel.com link had zero problems so far

  • 10starmovies.com

  • Or you could shell out for Netflix, and not be pirating your media. Its not even that much, its like going out to eat once a month.

  • I can't believe no one knows this one. quicksilverscreen.comThey always have the latest movies and TV shows. Thor, Green Lantern, Captain America etc...I saw this in DVD to DVD quality. . .and they have the latest TV shows too

    • quicksilver indeed has some great quality

    • most definitely, I watch all my movies and shows on here.

  • 1channel.ch ...

  • Hulu is a good site and it has both free and non free movies. I haven't used it much, butI like the free side better. link

  • Letmewatchthis . Ch

    • this site switched to 1channel . ch