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What is a good and trustworthy website to watch free online movies?

Okay, so like, I was wondering if anybody watches free movies online: new and old movies, and if you do, can you tell me which website won't give me... Show More

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  • You can use boxee ( link )and add subscriptions for paid and free online TV and movie channels. Only downsides is that it uses drm, streaming and ad support (ads are infrequent).

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  • Torrent.

  • Their is this site called awooh.com.

  • 10starmovies.com

  • try surf the channel.com


    had zero problems so far

  • Or you could shell out for Netflix, and not be pirating your media. Its not even that much, its like going out to eat once a month.

  • I can't believe no one knows this one.


    They always have the latest movies and TV shows.

    Thor, Green Lantern, Captain America etc...

    I saw this in DVD to DVD quality. . .

    and they have the latest TV shows too

    • quicksilver indeed has some great quality

    • most definitely, I watch all my movies and shows on here.

  • 1channel.ch ...

  • Hulu is a good site and it has both free and non free movies. I haven't used it much, butI like the free side better. link

  • Letmewatchthis . Ch

    • this site switched to 1channel . ch

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