Does it bother you when someone unfriends you on Facebook?

like if it's someone you haven't talked in a lonnnnggggg time? what's so bad about it?


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  • Yes I hate's so annoying. And the reason is this...

    I find Facebook can also damage relationships...especially when you are 'dating' someone. It simply reveals so much of yourself to other party/interested people at times. It maybe fun in the beginning but they/you get to see EVERYTHING about that person, so the relationship doesn't become meaningful anymore. So now as a habit I simply don't add people I don't know...period.

    If you really wanna get to know somebody...I suggest try getting off the computer lol.


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  • nope , I unfriend a lot of people every 5 or so months

  • Just tells me they don't want to keep in contact with me or really care about me

    • I do feel bad/guilty about it ***sigh*** but the person prob. doesn't even notice I'm gone. would it be weird if I added them back?

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    • true! :)

    • Good luck :)

  • No, if I didn't talk to them in a long time I probably wouldn't even know they were gone.

  • Not really, I don't care about most of the people on it anyways.

  • I can careless I deleted myself.


What Girls Said 2

  • Most of the time I don't even notice. If I do notice, I don't really care. It's slightly irritating when it's someone who sent me a friend request and then a couple months later they unfriend me. It's like, why did you even add me in the first place? But really, I don't care. There's only a handful of people I kept in touch with after high school and no one from college is on my Facebook. So it doesn't matter.

    • :( I kinda feel like a meanie for doing it but I didn't even have a Facebook account until recently so I didn't know how taboo it was to unfriend someone. I just try to live as privately as possible and downsizing my account seemed like a step in the right direction. :/

  • nothing loll ^_^

    this girl she was like a really good friend, all we did was 'poke' each other T_T

    she unfriended me, it lol kinda hurt my feelings.

    But then I thought who cares, if she doesn't wanna be my friend, why should I wanna be friends wif her :S

    • right. I only unfriend people I know I won't really see again (for the most part) and who I don't really talk to (ppl from way back when, you know lol) much in real life or on Facebook. I wait like a long time before I do it but then I do it because I feel like I'm spying on someone I don't really talk to anymore lol. people still get mad though? as if I unfriended them in the real world or something? I guess everyone puts a different emphasis on how important Facebook is.