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What is your favorite wild animal and why?

The question says it all. Mine are Cheetah and Wolf. Cheetah's because they are fierce and deadly yet vulnerable. They need protection. Wolves... Show More

Would you please rate! Thank you:)
Who is going around down voting? ughh!

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  • When I was younger I had this huge fascination with big cats especially Cheetahs. I mostly like Wolfs, big bears like the Polar bear, oh and Elephants. I think out of all of them though I really like elephants simply because they are almost like humans. Did you know that they will go back to a grave site of a dead relative and touch/sniff their bones? They're so cute/intelligent!

    • Yes you have heard that before . They are highly loving and intelligent

What Guys Said 11

  • Gotta be a wolf

    then maybe a honey badger for second

  • The honey badger because it don't give a sh*t.

    • How do you know that?

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    • He's a hungry little f***. What's he going to have for dinner the next two weeks? Cobra!

    • ewe X10 to the power of 59.734 :D

  • Sharks because they are one of the few animals that man can't tame, and also the obvious reason they are bad ass.

    • That they are. :)

  • Let me just strike a pose here link



      <3 <3

    • Adorable :)

  • A chameleon, because I've always felt that I'm really good at adapting to any type of situation.

  • Crocodile. 220 million years of perfect predator.

    • They scare the daylights outta me :O

  • Mine is the penguin. Loyal and hard working, the penguin will endure harsh elements just to ensure the survival of their offspring.

    They are forever formally dressed in their natural tuxedo coloring, and their unique waddle places them fondly into the well deserved places of my heart :)

  • the rhino cause it's cute AND tough. rhino owns lion pride: link

  • does donkey count as a wild animal ?

    • For you , yea lol. :)

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    • :o making fun of me !

    • nah... I'm laughing at what said not your person. <33333

  • Fox. Cunning and intelligent.

    • they are very crafty and intelligent fo sho

  • Wolf.

What Girls Said 10

  • alllllllllllll of them! especially BIG dogs and BIIIIIIIIG cats like tigers :D

    I love elephants too. they're sooooooooooooooooooooo fatttt <3 UGH SO CUTE.

  • Dogs - They're loyal, kind, affectionate, cuddly, playful and smart!

    • Awesome. :)

      How about the wild animals?

    • Oh! wild animals! Sorry! I like Elephants, Tigers and wolves :)

    • Tigers are cool too.

  • Mine would be a wolf and a dog.

    They are adorable and cuddly looking and strong and fierce =D

  • Snow leopard - they are so beautiful.

  • Hyenas because they are always smiling

  • Elephants. They're emotional. AND CUTE! link

    • Yes they are my 3rd fav. :)



  • Tiger - Because it is BEAUTIFUL, ICONIC & FIERCE! RAWRRR! =D

    • I get a feeling there is a personal connection there ;)

    • Hehehe, you're feeling is spot on correct! =P

  • WOLF

    They're beautiful creatures :D

    • Agreed

  • fox-cool name,pretty,awesome

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