Ex-boyfriend unblocked me, what does this mean?

So today, I discovered that my ex-boyfriend must have unblocked me from Facebook because he appeared on the "people you may know," and he wouldn't have showed up if I were still blocked. I didn't click on his name but I was shocked to see it...Happy and confused. We've been broken up now for about... Show More

Oh, I just realized the other girl was just his friend, and she's engaged so I guess she doesn't really matter...

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  • "Sorry it's so long..."

    That's what I said! Couldn't resist sorry haha

    Here's my real answer: He probably unblocked you for one of two reasons.

    1. So he could look at your profile. Even if you aren't friends, there are still some things you can see.

    2. In the hope that you would contact him.

    Either way, you were on his mind for some reason.