Why are so many young women vulgar?

I've been noticing a trend with a lot of younger women these days being vulgar where there is no need to be. As a man, using foul language is something I generally reserve for when I'm REALLY angry with a justifiable cause. Spouting off obscenities reeks of immaturity or lack of a proper vocabulary, or both.

Here are two examples in the last week that took me off guard:

1. I was engaging a 18 year old girl in a debate about politics. She was actually fairly well-read on the subject matter at hand. Out of nowhere, she says "what the f***" I need to register to vote. There was no point that she could have made without that comment. Why be so vulgar?

2. There was a girl I was chatting with online. After a while, I told her she looked like a chipmunk with smiley face. (She was a fairly attractive girl.) She just lost it. "What the f*** is your problem!?!?" We had a decent conversation prior to that, but after her expletive-laced outburst, she left the conversation not to return.

I strongly encourage those ladies out there that are seeking a decent man to stop cursing like sailors. It doesn't make you sexy. In fact, even though my male friends and I will let off the off-colored remark in private, we never make a point of saying anything like that in front of strangers, or use it as an excuse to blow your top like girl number 2.

Is it too much to ask for girls to cut down on the cursing?

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Lessons learned:

1. Girls want to curse for a variety of reasons.

2. There seems to be no context for when or why you should let loose.

3. Don't ever playfully tease a girl on her looks, even when she refers to your face as a brillo pad and you laugh it off first and think nothing of it.

4. Even the most beautiful girls are very insecure, perhaps more so than average girls.

5. When in doubt, see number 1.


Most Helpful Guy

  • I can see both sides of the argument. One that you can appear to be vulgar when it is completely unnecessarily to do so, also that you're just automatically assuming you aren't going to offend the other person you just met with the strong language you're using. On the other hand, I believe that "magic words" or "bad words" is a pretty silly concept in general. And although that's true I find myself hypocritical in the fact that I don't personally appreciate when girls speak like this and also the ones that do I find are always a little bit angrier / crazier. Then again, it depends on the type of guy you're going after... some guys might love it.

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      Judging by the poll, it appears that we are in the minority. I am a strong believer against censorship, but due believe in self-regulation. Judging by most of the comments, the "anything goes" mentality regardless of circumstances appears to be in. If equality means picking up on what was once traditionally a lower-class male form of expression and mainstreaming it for both guys and girls, I'm not sure how this is a victory. If our President or other leaders spoke like this all the time...

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      I think it depends a lot on upbringing and social circles as well. My girl curses more than I do, but I can tell you makes a conscious effort not to when she's around me and the odd time she lets something slip out I actually find it kind of funny. It's when that's every second word out of someone's mouth, or when it's just inappropriate circumstances when it bothers me.