Why do women put so much pressure on men? They make life a living hell. It's so much easier being a woman.

Women can find a man to take care of them/protect them. Women stay weak and helpless kids their entire lives whereas men are supposed to be strong protectors/earn a sh*t load of money/be successful (career)/take care of their families. A woman doesn't need to be successful... she doesn't even need a job. People don't look down on housewives. A woman doesn't feel the need to work out/train martial arts to prevent getting beat up in front of her boyfriend. She's not supposed to be the sexy protector he admires. She can lean back an enjoy life. She's supposed to be the sexy, cute and innocent wimp. A girl can break down in tears and it's fine, but a man's a complete sissy if there's one single tear. Men are not allowed to be scared of ANYTHING. If we're not bad enough, we're lame and wimpy. If you're a girl that plays rock, you're cool and awesome and everything (even if you suck), but if we're not really good then we're pathetic losers/wannabes.

In this 'equal' society, men are still expected to make the first move. Women can choose which guys they like, and can get away with being pretty nasty to the ones they don't. Men have to rely on ambiguous signals and hope they get it right, otherwise they could end up in a world of hurt and humiliation. Nice guys always finish last. Nice girls are only ever single by choice. Men have to be perfect everything in order to get women. Women only need to be able to breathe on their own in order to get men. The list of positive qualities that women look for in men is 9999999999999999 times longer than the list of positive qualities that men look for in women.

Cute weak and helpless women expect perfect men/strong and highly intelligent and rich and successful protectors to ask her out. Isn't it ridiculous? Oh how I wish I was a helpless woman. I remember being a kid. Great times.


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  • LOL you pretty much nailed it, I like how you talked about the working out thing, it's so true. Pretty much everything was on point, you should copy and paste this into an article.