My Strange Addiction...

So I just watched a clip from the show TLC My Strange Addiction, and It was about a man that has sex with his car...

Do you have an addiction that is considered strange? Or do you know somebody who does?


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    I got hooked on exhaust seeing the lady next door start her old Buick and blow out a huge cloud of smoke which I loved to smell. I dreamed of getting a hard blow job with her exhaust going into my pants and blowing my thing out of her tailpipe. I once exchanged emails with a woman who was receptive to doing that for a guy but she was across the country. I have read of other guys wanting it, so now I know I'm not the only one. The closest I have come is rigging my own car to start and rev while I am penetrating the tailpipe and dreaming of a woman doing it. With my particular 4-cylinder cars it is the most fantastic sex experience I have had - as long as I finish before the exhaust gets too hot and before I start getting dizzy. The newer car with the catalytic converter only produces CO for a minute or two before it is safe to breathe without getting dizzy, so I can keep my face under it longer. I think I could break this addiction if I had a wife who understood it and would do it until I got tired of it. That probably would require a woman who also has a kinky addiction I could help her satisfy. Not many of those around, although one guy I emailed had a girl who enjoyed it along with him.


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  • Car sex is becoming quite popular, and I read that in some outlying portions of Canada it's even cut down on the incidence of sheep molestation.

    • don't expose Canada like that ;)

    • Maybe expose isn't the best word in this case. ; - )

  • you disallowing anon answers might not get users to confess their 'strange addictions'

    I bite my nails a lot which I can't help

    if that counts

  • LOL did he penetrate the exhaust pipe or something? That's funny

    • lol, no he says he rubs himself on it...

  • im trying to overcome a p*rn addiction right now. Made it to 2 weeks and while I still haven't watched it, I m*st*rb*t*d last night. dissappointed


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  • Well if he had been in the back or on the hood with someone of his species I say go for it but with the car? Really, that's strange, he belongs on the show. But I'm not condescending on him or his love.

  • Sex with his car!? :-/ well okay then. I can't sleep without a fan blowing directly on me. So I guess I'm addicted to my fan

  • Well, that's out of the ordinary. Forever a virgin.. Maybe..

  • exactly does he fornicate with his automobile? just curious :p

    • well he says he rubs himself on it...aha takes it on dates, and buys it presents..

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    • No the gas tank. :-P

    • Make sure you keep your car away from that guy unless your car likes that kinda stuff :p

  • I have an addiction to drinking soy sauce from the individual packets :)

    • you must get really thirsty afterward aha.