"The one who cares least, has the most power." Do you agree with this in a relationship?

I'm not sure myself.

I was talking with my friend the other day, Valentine's day, since I had plenty of time to think, so I started a conversation with him.

He told me "The one who cares least, has the most power. Well in a relationship.", I'm no expert on relationships. Not by far, so I thought about this and I guess. It could be true in a sense, but then I started to think its just utter non-sense.

So, I'm curious. What do you all think?

(Yes, I know I'm asking a lot of questions lately. I just appreciate others' minds).

  • Vote A It's true.
  • Vote B It's not true.
  • Vote C I'm not sure.
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I have to be honest. A lot of these answers, give a whole new view on the words. I guess its not utter non-sense, but its not totally true either.


Most Helpful Girl

  • A - personal perspective of this is because the person who cares more or is more besotted will make more effort in the relationship to keep the other happy, therefore the other person has more power to get their way at times or even call quits to the relationship. There would need to be quite a big divide between the person who cares least and the one that cares alot. Where there is a close balance i.e. one cares a little more than the other, I don't think this rule applies. The most successful relationships are those where there is compromise between two people and a strike of the right balance.